Attend Monday session to oppose ordinance

Dear editor,

On Monday, April 8, the city council has scheduled a meeting to discuss, and hold a public hearing on, the proposed nuisance ordinance.

Should this ordinance be passed, and put into effect, it would be devastating.

I you haven’t read it, I strongly advise you do so at the city’s website. I’ve read all 18 pages and it is far worse than any homeowners association rules.

The ordinance would give the city the right to oversee the property that you bought with your own hard-earned money, that you pay taxes on, that you pay to maintain as well as possible and, essentially, tell you what you may do with it.

It is a redundant ordinance and most of the proposals contained within it already exist, governed either by state and county laws and city ordinances.

What is not covered by those laws is totally unnecessary and not needed.

I firmly believe the proposed ordinance is a violation of all property rights and actually an invasion of privacy by the city.

I have started a petition to have this ordinance placed on the city ballot in May, or in a special election to be held as soon as possible afterward.

Should you wish to sign the petition, contact me.

Contact City Hall and the mayor and f lood their offices with calls about this ordinance.

Make your voice heard but, most importantly, please attend the council meeting Monday.

Glenn Landrum
1501 Highland

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