Thriving economy will beautify Rockdale

Dear editor,

Although the debate over nuisance regulations continues to rage in Rockdale, the major problem here hardly seems to be tall grass or dilapidated structures.

It is rather an anemic economy spreading its blight like a blanket over the entire community.

Can we regulate away the blight? Probably not since it is a symptom rather than the cause of our economic woes.

I lived nearly 20 years in Houston, the most prosperous, least regulated and the only un-zoned major city in Texas.

In the 80’s when the economy was in the tank, property everywhere, even in expensive neighborhoods and business districts looked unkempt.

When the economy turned around in the 90’s, property everywhere improved.

A robust economy enables people to improve their property and rewards them for doing it as demand drives values higher.

Less regulation rather than more, a positive rather than a punitive business climate is what Rockdale needs now more than ever to retain and attract businesses and residents.

Trying to regulate blight only adds to the misery of those affected by it, but a thriving economy will beautify Rockdale and turn the blight into a distant memory.

Margaret Shackelford

Li fe member and former Ambassador, Greater Houston Partnership.

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