Whatever happened to limited government?

Dear editor,

We seem to have lost sight of the concept inherent in the founding of this country, that of a limited government that governed at the pleasure of the people.

Our founding fathers hammered out a document that they believed would allow citizens to grow and prosper because it would guarantee each individual the right to live a life as free of government interference as possible.

As citizens we have forgotten that the government is our servant, not our master.

We have elected people as stewards of the Constitution who in their ignorance and arrogance have intruded into our daily lives. What kind of light bulbs we put in our lamps, how much water our toilets use, how much water comes out of our shower heads, how many calories our children eat at school, how much ethanol we have in our gasoline, the mileage our cars should get, what kind of insurance we can buy, well the list seems to be endless.

And now we see this governmental intrusion about to happen in Rockdale.

How arrogant to think that one group of people can decide what is valuable to another or which material is worthless.

And how ignorant of human nature to believe that they know best and that a complaint-driven ordinance will not be used by some people to penalize or retaliate against their fellow citizens.

Passing such a broad nuisance ordinance will create a tool for rearranging the scenery to some individuals’ liking, while ignoring others’ property rights.

If you long for pristine yards that are landscaped and impeccably maintained and houses that are made of certain materials and painted certain colors, you are longing for a gated community with deed restrictions. Personally, I find part of Rockdale’s attraction to be its variety.

Certainly genuine refuse can be a problem, but it is already addressed in numerous ways, including the State Health Code which can and should be enforced locally.

The unintended consequences of this nuisance ordinance and the incredible opportunity for its abuse boggles the mind. And the cost to taxpayers to implement and enforce it will be quite high.

If what is truly desired is for Rockdale to grow and prosper, it will do so with fewer regulations, not more. Calvin Coolidge, who is the only President to reduce the size and cost of government, believed that it was better to kill bad bills than to pass good ones.

I sincerely hope the City Council will take his wisdom to heart and stop this bad ordinance.

Sandy Hale

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