‘Laughter is the best medicine’ always correct

Kathy Cooke

My parents are so funny. After spending any time with them at all, and luckily I get to spend a good amount of time, it is easy to see why we all have great senses of humor and why we laugh so much when we are all together.

Simple. It’s hereditary.

My grandfather had a legendary sense of humor. He made everyone laugh on a daily basis.

However, there is a little more to that story. In the late 1960s, Poppy had a brain aneurysm requiring brain surgery. They say, after he recovered from that surgery, he was a different person, very laid back and very funny, which is the only way my brothers and I remember him.

Apparently, before that, he was a little on the grouchy side, although I can’t even picture that myself.

Since our Editor, Magical Mike Brown, has started doing “100 Years Ago” each week in The Reporter, he has been doing his research at the library (which we say he just goes down there to bug his wife, Sue, who works there).

Well, 100 Years Ago my great-grandfather, John Esten Cooke, owned and ran The Reporter. I never knew much at all about my great-grandfather and through Mike’s research, I have come to find out that he, too, had an incredible sense of humor.

In fact, I’d say he was down-right hee-larious!

So when I say hereditary, I really mean it.

Yesterday, my Dad had on a nice olive green colored shirt, obviously new and nicely pressed. My mom was doing her Tuesday proof reading at The Reporter and she looked at him for a minute when he walked over to her table.

She said “I like that shirt. Where did you get it?” I know what my Mom meant with that question. He had obviously bought a shirt without her assistance and it was actually a nice looking shirt.

It was a bit puzzling.

He held out his arms and said, rather perturbed, “Tractor Supply.”

Oh, of course, Tractor Supply would have been my first guess too.

I started laughing immediately and Dad said “I really did get it at Tractor Supply.”

I said “Oh, I have no doubt about that,” still laughing.

He said “The best thing about this shirt is that the front pockets button but there is a little opening at the top of the pocket for my pen.”

Well, there you go. Move over Clinton Kelly.

Mom and Dad took Bill and I out to supper last night for Bill’s birthday and we ended the evening laughing and telling son/brother Kevin stories, like we often do. Usually Kevin stories are enough to get everyone laughing and these were no exception.

Like I said, we were born to laugh.

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