MILAM COUNTY Courthouse Records


Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

D’Shun O. Myles to Hollis C. Lewis Jr. and Elizabeth M. Lewis – Terrell Addition, Cameron (v. 1,195, p. 907).

Correction Deed

Mary Louise Haslett-Edmondson, individually and as attorney-in-fact, and David L. Cross to Cross Family Trust, Mary Lou Haslet t- Edmondson, trustee – Monroe Edwards Survey A-16 (v. 1,195, p. 391).

Warranty Deeds

Randall B. Stewart to Mil-Tex LLC – Jose Leal Grant A-29 (v. 1,195, p. 437).

Three Mile Creek Ranch Ltd. and Wayne Fisher Ranches LLC GP, Wayne Fisher, president, to Gene W. Bonorden Sr. (v. 1,195, p. 486).

Sharon Littell to Bettie Millar – Lot 3, Block 115, Rockdale (v. 1,195, p. 547).

Gene W. Bonorden Sr., Gene W. Bonorden Jr. and Andrew E. Bonorden, attorney-in-fact, to Three Mile Creek Ranch Ltd. (v. 1,195, p. 556).

Timothy C. Sadler and Renee S. Sadler to Jeannie Watson – lots, Terral Heights One, Cameron (v. 1,195, p. 578).

Bill B. Patton aka Billy W. Patton and Kay Patton to Caroline G. Sanders – J.A. Pruett League (v. 1,195, p. 732).

Alejandro Castillo and Ana Castillo to PeggyJan Limited Partnership and Ultra Development Inc. GP, Michael Richardson, president (v. 1,195, p. 800).

George Tonn to Alushka Driska and Kenneth Driska Jr. – L.F. Margarret Survey A-273 (v. 1,195, p. 892).

Octabiano Salomon to Ana Duran – Terral Heights Addition, Cameron (v. 1,195, p. 899).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

Theresa Kay Barfield Mantey fka Theresa Kay Barfield aka Theresa Kay Gentry and Douglas Ray Mantey to Mary Suzanne Kennedy and Keith Edward Kennedy – Harrison Owen Survey (v. 1,195, p. 403).

Michael W. Morrow and Jill Morrow to Billy W. McRae and April D. McRae – Linwood Acres, Rockdale (v. 1,195, p. 456).

Kathryn Svetlik Janicek to Jennifer L. York – Jose Antonio De Pena Survey A-43 (v. 1,195, p. 560).

Kelly Lynn Millner aka Kelly Lynn Millner Hackman nka Kelly Lynn Hackman to Mindi Millner and Russell Ellington – Abigail Fokes Survey A-20 (v. 1,195, p. 639).

Clint Leschber and Nikki Leschber to Robert M. Frelich Jr. and Mary Kathryn Frelich – Wuensche Estate Addition (v. 1,195, p. 663).

Jvann Properties LC, Jimmie Vann, president, to George Villalon and Jessica Hernandez – lots, A.N. Green Addition, Cameron (v. 1,195, p. 688).

First Star Bank SSB fka First State Bank of Bremond to Martha A. Garcia – two tracts, Lin Luce Ranches (v. 1,195, p. 722).

CAHK LP and Hagler Investmens Inc. GP, Keith Hagler, president, to Amanda Gayle James – J.J. Liendo Survey A-31 (v. 1,195, p. 784).

Ashley Genee Smith fka A.G. Williams to Wayne Dawson and Lydia R. Dawson – Joseph P. Jones Survey A-28 (v. 1,195, p. 845).

Special Warranty Deeds

Wells Fargo Bank NA, Jeffrey W. Martin, attorney-in-fact, to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development – Mrs. Willie R. Timmins Survey A-457 (v. 1,195, p. 360).

Sonny Huerta Lopez to Louisa Sanchez – James McLaughlin Survey (v. 1,195, p. 700).

Audrey P. Atkinson Estate, Barbara E. Ruggiero, independent executrix, to John B. Digirolamo – two tracts, James Walters Grant; and J.P. Jones Survey A-28 (v. 1,195, p. 868, 874).

Special Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

Secretary of Housing Urban Development and Pemco Ltd., asset manager No. C- OPC-23642, to Larry D. Brooks and Luanne C. Brooks – J.J. Liendo Survey A-31 (v. 1,195, p. 366).

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development and Pemco Ltd., asset manager No. C-OPC-23642, to Jason Joe Adams – South Oaks Subdivision (v. 1,195, p. 622).

Correction Warranty Deed With Vendor’s Lien

Cindy Thweatt, trustee, to Octaviano Salomon – Terral Heights No. 2 (v. 1,195, p. 896).

Substitute Trustee Deed

H. Brandon Jones, substitute trustee, Deedra A. Jacob and Jerald Will Jacob Jr. to Land Holding LLC – William Allen Survey A-72 (v. 1,195, p. 494).

Mineral Deed

Ann Foley Hailey Estate, Sarah Beth Hailey Robinson and George Norman Hailey III, independent co-executors, to Sarah Beth Hailey Robinson Trust (Sara Beth Hailey Robinson, trustee), George Norman Hailey III Trust (George Norman Hailey III, trustee) and George Norman Hailey Jr. Last Will & Testament – two tracts, Cyrus Wickson Survey A-386 (v. 1,195, p. 539).

Quitclaim Deed

Hugh Colley to Alan Colley and Sharon Colley – Francisco Ariola Survey A-77 (v. 1,195, p. 890).

Cemetery Deed

City of Cameron to Shirley Taylor – Lot 4, Row 1, Section 4, Oak Hill Cemetery (v. 1,195, p. 309).

Memorandum Leases

Sandra Lee Tidmore to Laredo Energy IV LP – Monroe Edwards League A-16 (v. 1,195, p. 381).

Keren Lee Keene Zurbriggen to Laredo Energy IV LP – Monroe Edwards League A-16 (v. 1,195, p. 385).

James Coy Keene to Laredo Energy IV LP – Monroe Edwards League A-16 (v. 1,195, p. 387).

Kabb Land Inc., Brooke Williams Walker, president, to Laredo Energy IV LP – Monroe Edwards League A-16 (v. 1,195, p. 389).

Cross Family Trust, Mary Haslett-Edmondson, trustee, to Laredo Energy IV LP – two tracts, Monroe Edwards League A-16 (v. 1,195, p. 394).

Arthur Gray Jr. to XTO Energy Inc. – two tracts, Thomas J. Chambers Survey A-6 (v. 1,195, p. 545).

Probate Cases Filed

Eric Grahmann applied for the Sheila Owens Estate – letters of administration (10939).

Civil Cases Filed

National Collegiat Student Loan Trust 2007-3 vs. John Torres et al – consumer debt.

Milam County vs. James Ramick et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Ed Love Sr. et al – tax case.

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