Annual Spring organizing is just a myth

Kathy Cooke

It’s almost spring – which means warmer weather, pretty flowers, busy schedules, and spring organizing! Here are 22 simple ideas to get you started!

Yes, that was my reaction too, when I read that in a magazine. Organizing? Are you kidding me? I was intrigued that there were any ideas on spring organizing at all, much less 22 of them.

So I decided to share some of this nut-job, I mean, person’s ideas. Then add my own ideas, of course.

1. Initiate monthly purges.

Ok, so that’s what’s wrong with her. She vomits after she eats, once a month.

2. When in doubt, throw it out.

I actually do this with food that’s been in the refrigerator too long. 1-2 weeks, the dog gets it. After 3 weeks I pitch it in the trash. If it’s over 4 weeks, I throw away the Tupperware container too.

3. Focus on one room/area at a time.

I always only read or watch TV in one room at a time.

4. Find a system that works for you — there is more than one right way.

Drinking a Diet Mountain Dew and reading works for me.

5. File your papers.

They are all filed in various piles on my desk.

6. Make a place for clothes that needs to be fixed.

Now this one is just funny!

7. Go through one box, shelve, drawer, bin, cabinet at a time.

Yep, when I’m looking for a flashlight or some batteries, that’s what I do.

8. Don’t let your emotions win.

They actually have really good medication for this one.

9. Make your bed — every day!

What if someone is still in it?

10. Do a few minutes every night before bed or every morning before work.

Yes, I’ll do that, right after I exercise.

11. Tackle your junk drawer.

I love my junk drawer. I have several, well ok, they’re all junk drawers.

12. Make to-do lists every day.

Does she have a job outside the home?

13. Get your family involved.

Me– “Bill, want to get organized?” Bill– “Nope.” Me– “Works for me.”

14. Keep a basket in your car for car clutter.

That’s what floorboards are for.

15. Barter with a friend.

Me– “Hey Bonnie, you come organize my house and I’ll organize yours.” Bonnie–she said nothing, just laughed.

16. Use organizing containers you already have.

Like...a junk drawer?

17. Create a place for all your tax papers.

I have a pile on my desk just for tax papers.

18. Don’t let junk mail come into your home home.

My husband actually takes care of this one. He takes great delight in ripping junk mail to shreds and throwing it away the minute we get it. See, we’re organized.

19. Deep clean one room each week.

How about we start with one room per year?

20. Clean out your wallet and purse.

Easier to just buy new ones.

21. Utilize your freezer.

If there is ice cream in my freezer, am I utilizing it?

22. Vow not to procrastinate!

I vow to never do any of these ideas. Naw, I’ll do it tomorrow.

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