Phony attorney just wants you to to ‘trust him’

Ted Hubert

Watch out for this e-mail. Someone calling themselves Barrister (attorney) Lee Brown sent Roselee Mondrick an e-mail. It starts with “can you be trusted”.

Put your guard up immediately when someone asks you to trust them.

This red f lag screams out: this person is not trustworthy. “Brown” continues with “If yes, let’s make a confidential “deal” together. He has 15 million dollars in the United Kingdom to be moved to the United States.

He will only deal with people who will not cheat him after the fortune is released from his control into Roselee’s bank account.

“Brown” is in the UK, Roselee is in USA and the money is in Africa. In yesteryear this was scary, but after years of learning how to spot the bad, the ugly and the unlawful, it becomes so ridiculous it is laughable. “Hello, can you be trusted? If yes, let’s make a confidential “deal” together. I have 15 million dollars open to be moved into your able hand in your country. Only if you can assure me that you will not cheat me once it gets into your hand.

“My name is Lee Brown. I am a London based attorney with a practicing license of Great Britain.

“My late client has been confirmed dead and I am in possession of all deposit documents for the above mentioned sum which was deposited with a Bank in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. (Ivory Coast). “Because of the nature and source of the funds, my late client did not let anyone know about the fund as he entrusted all into my hands.

“I will only make you the beneficiary of this fund and get the bank transfer it to your private bank account in your country should you be interested, reply with the following information (the information already given above.)”

“The e-mail ends with a hilarious statement. However, if you are not trustworthy, confidential, and interested, Please, do not use this advantage to betray me”.

Can you believe the nerve of this guy or woman?

Milam County TRIAD connects senior citizens and law enforcers by design. The three organizations, that developed this concept, were deeply concerned forthefinancialsafetyof older Americans.

As a rule, people start life totally dependent on their caregivers and if one lives long enough, they may be totally dependent on their caregivers.

Depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and loneliness steers us toward vulnerability which could devastate personal nest eggs. It is important to keep you informed about scams, and pitfalls that separate the aged from their money. Society will protect the weakest link in the chain of life.

Over the last 12 years MCT worked to protect its members from evildoers. People that prey on the weak and helpless for sure but exposing the greedy tactics of these criminals also points out ways the strong and intelligent are swindled as well.

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