Nuisance ordinance would have helped city

Dear editor,

I wasn’t able to attend the city council meeting last Monday, but I’m very aware of the issues that arose. I’ve lived in Rockdale most of my life.

The so-called “Nuisance ordinance” would have actually done this town some good. What’s wrong with keeping your yard and home looking nice? I understand that people do not like being told what to do especially when it comes to something they pay for, but if you’re paying for property, why not take care of it?

We have an empty lot behind our house. It’s over grown, which makes it a breeding ground for copperheads, opossums, and cats.

This lot is a danger to my family and pets. My neighbor has had very bad snake problems in the past. I can see where mandating kept lawns would benefit many of us.

I can also understand why the trash cans by the road are a problem. I don’t know how many times we’ve had to swerve on the road to miss a trash can that had fallen out of the owner’s yard.

I fully support an effort to clean this town up. The idea that we live in a very clean well kept town is an illusion. Have you ever looked beside the Dollar General and noticed all the trash that’s built up in the lot that stores building supplies?

We should come together as a community and help make this place a more desirable town. A recent letter said if we do not like the way things are then we need to move. That offends me. Attitudes like that will keep our town stagnant and prevent the very growth we desperately need. We need major change. It all starts with making the town a more desirable place to live.

We need to hold more events and welcome people from other towns. Friends and family traveled here from Sulphur Springs, Texas. It’s beautiful. The town square is full of shops, 24-hour music, and memorials. The negative comments by my visitors upset me, and also opened my eyes.

I planted a 10- year 9/11 memorial tree at Wolf Park. If volunteers came together and planted shrubs, trees and created flower beds it would really look nice.

When I was a boy I loved Christmas here. Everyone decorated and downtown looked beautiful. As years have gone by fewer decorations have appeared around town.

Nearly 30 people have offered to donate Christmas lights and ornaments so that we could decorate the main drag. It would be nice to see the small business owners in downtown decorate as well. I will donate time and money to both projects.

If we don’t work to create progress, then we will miss the window of opportunity for growth and eventually Rockdale will be a ghost town. Growing up I lived on the west side and every Saturday I would pick up trash on my street.

If we all did that there is no tel l ing what a di f ference it would make.

If you have any suggestions please e-mail me or give me a call at 512-269-6853.

Ethan Sabo

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