Voucher system could destroy public schools

Dear editor,

For decades politicians have pushed for the infamous, in-myview, voucher system.

The voucher system would have state funds track students. This means that if students transferred to private schools, the state funds would go the private schools.

These state funds would travel away from the public education as we know it today.

Students generate money through the Average Dai ly Attendance (ADA) and students requiring special needs earn more money from the state and federal governments in weighted programs.

The state cut funds for educating Texas youth, forced by the shortfall.

Programs, personnel, and services enjoyed in the past are now gone. These funds should be fully restored this biennium. This is a rainy day, so Texas Legislators should use the “Rainy Day” fund, if money cannot be found elsewhere.

Today’s students are the leaders of tomorrow. Texas Public Schools are obligated through the Texas Constitution to serve all students through the age of 16. This includes students from the most gifted to the one most handicapped.

Private schools do not have the same obligation to Texas Constitution and are more selective of its student body.

Of course, the gifted would be accepted with open arms but the problem children are less likely to be accepted and services needed for the educationally challenged requires teachers with special training.

Private schools are able to hire teachers with less certification than Texas ISD(s). The standards in public education are closely monitored, documented and much more stringent.

The voucher system could reduce public education to an institution for the troublemakers and the handicapped. Texas Public Education could be destroyed.

District 20 Representative Dr. Marsha Farney stood tall in her recent vote against the voucher system. Her actions speak louder than words, which underscores her dedication to keep our public schools funded.

Texas needs statesmen/ stateswomen that will take a stand that may not be popular, nor politically safe, but recognize it as the right thing to do.

If you want to thank Dr. Farney, call 1-512-463- 0309. Politicians hear complaints over and over again.

Sincerely yours,
Ted Hubert

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