MILAM COUNTY Courthouse Records

Warranty Deeds

Julie Devolder- Nagy to Lydia Dean Germundsen – two tracts, Agape Ranches, Section 1 (v. 1,196, p. 12).

Ray M. Coward and Lucy Pearl Coward to Jamie Ray Coward – lot, Rockdale (v. 1,196, p. 66).

Cheryl Diane Zulkowski and Gene Zulkowski Jr. to Bethune Sons Partnership – Stephen Cook Survey A-134 (v. 1,196, p. 95).

Lloyd Davidson and Leslie Davidson to Trudie Moses Sandberg to T.J. Chambers Survey A-7 (v. 1,196, p. 298).

Mario Martinez to Pablo Gonzalez – West Cameron Addition (v. 1,196, p. 303).

Mil-Tex LLC to Beavers Energy LP (v. 1,196, p. 331).

Randle G. Jones et al to S&V Partnership, Harry Vowell, general partner – 174.594 acres, William W. Hill Survey (v. 1,196, p. 367).

James Gipson et al to American Academy of Crisis Counseling – Lot 7, Block 38, Rockdale (v. 1,196, p. 392).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

Rong Muon to Julio E. Guzman – D. Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,196, p. 3).

Raymond J. Sales Estate et al to Randy Wilson – Lot 1, Block 106, Rockdale (v. 1,196, p. 154).

Wayman L. Keen to Nicholas S. Urbanovsky – Eli Williams Survey A-380 (v. 1,196, p. 177).

David Edwin Read et al to Walter Matous and Margaret Matous – Sterling C. Robertson Survey A-51 (v. 1,196, p. 188).

Becky Evon Novajosky et al to James A. La Fountain – Jose Antonio De Pena Survey A-43 (v. 1,196, p. 220).

Kathryn Anne Curry Anderson Heritage Trust (Kathy Ann Curry Anderson, trustee) and Scott Jackson Curry Heritage Trust (Scott Jackson Curry, trustee) to Antonia Fulton and Michael Fulton – Lewis Lomas Survey A-32 (v. 1,196, p. 272).

Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. 2005- HEI, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Mario H. Guillen – 1 acre, Sarah Wilhelm Survey (v. 1,196, p. 334).

J.D. Acord and Florene Love Acord to John Whittenberg and Audrey Jo Whittenberg – Blackman, Pevehouse and Robertson Surveys v. 1,196, p. 469).

Special Warranty Deed

Weldon Davis to Curtis D. Hoyle and Joni F. Hoyle – Henderson and Arnold Addition, Cameron (v. 1,196, p. 19).

Gregory L. Schulze to Gregory L. Schulze and Debbie Marie Schulze – Neill and Edwards Surveys (v. 1,196, p. 29).

Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-10, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA (attorney-in-fact) and Deutsche Bank National Trust (co-trustee) to Jimmy Vann Self-Directed IRA and Deborah Vann Self-Directed IRA, Citizens National Bank, custodian – W.W. Greer Addition, Cameron (v. 1,196, p. 85).

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Hogar Community Reinvestment LLC – Oak Park Subdivision (v. 1,196, p. 90).

Federal National Mortgage Association to Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. (v. 1,196, p. 346).

Mineral Deeds

Stephen Spence, individually and as executor, et al to CMC/Tomaui LP – two tracts, A. Frazier Survey (v. 1,196, p. 62).

Tom Henderson Beard Estate et al to Thompson/Henderson Partners LLC (v. 1,196, p. 412).

Quitclaim Deed

Tampa Bay Rental Management LLC to John A. Lacey and Carol A. Lacey – M. Davilla Survey A-13 (v. 1,196, p. 308).

Cemetery Deed

Sharon Jones to Sandi Pike – Lots 39, Block 4, Plots 3-4, Little River Cemetery (v. 1,196, p. 310).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases

Jimmy Spencer and Amy Spencer to Ardent 1 LLC (v. 1,196, p. 382).

Billy Graham to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – three tracts, G.B. Bowen Survey A-90 (v. 1,196, p. 448).

Angeline Menzel to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – Gideon B. Bowen Survey A-90 v. 1,196, p. 453).

Bette Lee Youngblood to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – G.B. Bowen Survey A-90 v. 1,196, p. 457).

Donald Lee Woods to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – A.T. Miles Survey A-271 v. 1,196, p. 462).

Probate Cases Filed

William Bowen applied for the Willie aka Billie Louise aka Louise Moore Bowen Estate – muniment (PR10940).

Civil Cases Filed

Ally Bank vs. John Cavazos – consumer debt.

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