Winners announced from TACC car, quilt shows

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Vistors admired a variety of entries at Saturday’s car show. Vistors admired a variety of entries at Saturday’s car show. The weather was perfect for the fourth annual Thorndale Area Chamber of Commerce Classic Car Show and Airing of the Quilts Show on Saturday. Entries included everything from a restored bus, to a monster truck, to classic cars of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Winners were:
Sweetest ride/Best in show—1.
Revel Holsher, 1957 Chevy Bel Air
Wagon; 2-tie. Doug Waldren, 1930
Ford and Daryl Gayheart, 1960
Chevrolet Bisayne.
Best old car (pre 1930)—George
Tom, 1928 Model A Ford.
Best old car, 1930s—Ken Janicek, 1939 Dodge pickup.
Best old car, 1940s— Craig
Lamb, 1947 Ford Coupe.
Best old car, 1950s—Revel Holsher, 1957, Chevy Bel Air Wagon.
Best old car, 1960s— Elmer
Gootman, 1963 Ford Fairlane 500.
Best old car, 1970s— Nelson
and Debra Stone, 1978 VW Beetle
Best old car, 1980s— Mike
Anderson, 1981 Trans Am.
Best orphan, Joe and Karen
Clark, 1954 Hudson Jetliner.
Best Mustang—Allen Hejl, 1967
Ford Mustang.
Best Camaro—Jerry Wolle, 1969
Best muscle car— Doug Byrd,
1968 Chevrolet Camaro.
Best rat rod— Cale Hall, 1928
Ford Roadster.
Best convertible—Harry Ormsby,

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible.
Most factory orginal classic—Hollis
Lewis, 1962 Shelby Cobra.
Best truck—Allen Hejl, 1973 Ford
Best off- road vehicle— Rodney
Huband, 1982 Chevy C10 Shortbed
Best non-road legal, Thomas Webb,
1972 Chevy Luv Dragster.
Best tractor—Larry Cissna, 1928
Doodle Bug.
Best motorcycle—Doug Byrd, 2001
Harley Davidson.
Best exotic—Norris Harbuz, 1954
GM Transit Bus.

QUILT SHOW—The quilts were colorful and came in all shapes and sizes, from queen, to full, to baby bed size, to table runners. Both old and new quilts were entered and were awarded prizes. The Best of Show Quilt was a hand-quilted Cathedral Window quilt entered by Billy Landrum.

The quilt was made for his mother, Willie May Landrum Phillips, by Esther Palm in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

Other results from the Airing of the Quilts included:
Professionally quilted—1. Laura
Rinderknecht; 2. Sarah Beard; 3.
Donna Johnston.
Group quilt—1. Chris VanDerKamp;
2. TACC Quilt; 3. Ruth Aulds.
Large hand- quilted—1. Stacey
Pedroza; 2. Darleen Tucker; 3. Rachel
Small hand- quilted—1. Evelyn
Large special technique—1. Billy
Landrum; 2. Sarah Jakobeit; 3. Mary
Small special technique—1. Sarah
Large machine quilted—1. Mary
Jacobs; 2. Javier Muniz; 3. Rachel
Small machine quilted—1. Donna
Johnston; 2. Donna Johnston; 3.
Rosalie Biar.

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