Fake ‘UN’ scam is latest
Ted Hubert

Most fraudulent emails urges immediate action on whatever opportunity sent your way. An e-mail proclaiming “ the plan for the United Nations to deliver money to Honorable Beneficiaries” is no exception.

“ Mrs. Njideka Corlinus” brings new activity to the United Nations. This agency, according to her, will now distribute funds to individuals using ATM cards.

“Corlinus” becomes a whistle blower. She explains the United Nations discovered a plot, from corrupt bank officials, to take money owed to you and place it into their personal accounts.

So the UN took steps to correct these problems. A special plan, to see that you get your funds quickly and simply, was devised. It is called the “irrevocable payment order via ATM card.

You will receive your money through a personal identification number ( PIN) A TM C ard. T his means of payment, can and will be closely monitored to prevent bank officials from absconding these funds.

The ATM card is safe so you will have no trouble claiming the money placed on the card that is made in your name. You will get $5,750,000.

Why? Youmeanyoudonot remember signing a contract with the United Nations? Surely, you remember working for the United Nations or you remember an overpayment you sent to the UN?

Most workers are aware of amounts due to them for their labor. Would you put these thoughts behind you so you could get the ATM Card that, by the way, was ordered by the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Heguaranteesthe transactions.

There are a few things required of you. You must contact “Dr. Felix Obi” with telephone numbers and fax numbers, address to send the ATM Card, ( A post office box is not acceptable), your age and profession and your full name.

Obi is the Director of the ATM Payment Department. His e-mail address is given.

The money withdrawn from ATM machines, from just about anywhere in the world, has a maximum withdrawal amount per day. In this case that amount issetat$25,000. TheATM’s maximum amount in the USA is more like $500.

Let’s do the math: $5,750,000 divided by $500 would compute into 11,500 days.

Think of this. With 365 days in a year, it would have you going to an ATM machine everyday for 31 years and 6 months.

Wow. What a career it would be just go for your $500 payday every day and not be expected toshowupfor work.. Notime clockstopunch. Nobossesto satisfy. No work expenses, either.

The biggest problem would be personal illness or other reasons you were unable to find an ATM machine. Those conditions would extend the collection time beyond the 31 year and 6-month schedule. Of course, this is a bit ridiculous and that is the point being made here.

Here are some obvious concerns you might mention. If the UN did all this investigating, why are they asking for your full name? The UN is asking for mailing address, also. People do move from time to time and even change their names in cases of marriages and divorces.

That does happen, but would it not be better to send information about you and have you verify it? That would convince the email recipient that he or she is the one being contacted instead of thousands of others addressed generically as “Attention: Honorable Beneficiary”.

Would you not think that a through background check would follow any application, resume, and/or references submitted to the United Nations?

Your own little investigation finds this as a scam. It is a very clever scam because all ATM cards h ave P IN(s). Y ou m ust give one for the card to work. The n ext s tep f or t he s cammer is to ask for your bank’s routing number and your bank account number.

The goal of the con artist is to steal the victim’s identity. ted@my alpha1com

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