Updated Rockdale HS senior scholarship list

Here’s an updated list of scholarships and deadlines for Rockdale High
School students. This information is
available from counselor Kelly Windham at her office or online at www.
Deadlines are as follow:
• Abbott and Fenner Scholarship
Program, general, June 14.
• AES Engineers Scholarship, general, Oct. 4.
• Alma Regenbrecht Scholarship,
general, May 3.
• Alpha Tau Delta, general, May 4.
• American Legion Carlyle Post 358,
family member in American Legion
Carlyle Post 358, May 15.
• Aspiring Animation Professional
Scholarship, animation related field,
June 1.
• BBG Communications 2013
Scholarship, 2.5 or greater GPA,
June 30.
• Blue and Gold Scholarship, general, May 4.

• Caretenders Scholarship Program,
May 31.
• Healthy Choices Scholarships,
April 30.
• Hochheim Prairie Branch 142,
parents or grandparents insured by
Hochheim Prairie, May 1.
• Knights of Columbus Scholarship,
general, May 10.
• Lambda Psi Scholarship, education major, 2.0 or higher GPA, April 25.
• Lift Parts Express Scholarship,
general, June 30.
• Little River Healthcare Scholarship,
healthcare related degree, May 3.
• LM Scholarship Program, GPA 3.0
or higher, May 31.
• Modernistic Social Club Scholarship, general, May 13.
• Louise Hale Sessions Memorial
Scholarship, music, May 3.
• Petie Clark and Tommie Clark
Memorial Scholarship, military enlistment, May 8.
• Rockdale Masonic Lodge, general,

April 26.
• Rockdale Noon Lions Club Scholarship, general, April 30.
• Rockdale PTO Scholarship, genreal, May 1.
• Rockdale Tennis Association,
played varsity tennis for two years at
RHS, April 26.
• Rogers Community Volunteer

Scholarship, 10 hours of volunteer
work, June 1.
• Scholarship by Design, general,
May 1.
• Sedary & Associates Scholarship,
general, June 15.
• Texas Interscholastic League
Foundation, competed in UIL Academic
State Meet or TSSEC Outstanding
Soloist, May 31.

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