Candidates issue statements as early voting starts

Johnson Johnson Editor’s note: The Reporter invited candidates in contested races in the May 11 Rockdale city and school elections to submit statements of candidacy for voters to consider.

Early voting begins Monday.

Following are those statements with candidates listed in alphabetical order by the office for which they filed.


Toby Johnson

I am presently serving as council member for the west ward. As my three year term expires, I have chosen not to seek a second term in that position but to be a candidate for mayor.

I have seen that Rockdale needs a mayor who creates an environment at City Hall where citizens feel their voices will be heard as well as being shown respect.

Rockdale needs a mayor who is visible in the community and participates in many of the events held.

King King It is vital that the mayor promotes Rockdale to the business and government community by working with the Municipal Development District to obtain new business and to build relationships with the county Officials as well as other municipalities.

Having been a small business owner and real estate investor, I understand the need to actively seek new business.

I par ticipate in the continuing education programs for city officials provided by the Texas Municipal League.

One important aspect of this program is to receive legislative updates to inform cities as to how they will be effected by the laws being made at the state level.

Rockdale needs a Mayor who facilitates communications among city government, schools and community organizations.

I ser ve as liaison to the Park Board, the Airport Board, and am on the Airport Planning Committee.

Perry Perry I am the appointed official representing Rockdale on the Milam Appraisal Budget Committee.

I am a member of Rockdale Historical Society, Secretary for the Rockdale Downtown Association, member of the Tejas Art and Book Festival Committee, board member of the Kay Theatre, member of the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce and Chamber Ambassadors.

As your mayor I will continue to work to improve our infrastructure. I will continue to see the accomplishments of organizations as well as individual citizens who are recognized by the city.

There are many issues that need to be addressed and these need strong leadership from the mayor. As your mayor I can provide that leadership.


John King

My wife, Ann and I have lived in Rockdale for 30-plus years and consider Rockdale our home. I am a native Texan and earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from The Air Force Institute of Technology.

Dalley Dalley I ser ved as a captai n in the United States Air Force and moved to Rockdale upon retiring from the military. We have three children that graduated from Rockdale High School, Natalie King, a teacher in Lewisville, TX, Stephen

King, at teacher in Rockdale, and Jeffrey King, owner of Gatti’s Pizza in Rockdale. Our six grandchildren help keep us busy.

The Air Force provided me with extensive training and experience in both project management and personnel matters.

I owned a computer company for 11 years and was an early manufacturer of personal computers. I retired from this business in December 1995. Later, I worked three years as the code enforcement officer for the City of Rockdale and understand the inner workings of the city.

Bland Bland I have been extensively involved in three programs that have had a positive effect on Rockdale.

• I helped raise money to build the new MARC center and continue to volunteer as needed.

• I co-authored the Greater Rockdale E-Access Team (GREAT) grant that brought high speed public internet sites to Rockdale in 2000. This grant required a collaboration between 13 diverse entities. The Rockdale ISD, City of Rockdale, County Commissioners, Central Counties Workforce and Central Counties Centers for MHMR were the government entities that signed off on the collaboration. The GREAT program is still active and I voluntarily maintain the computers.

• Shortly after arriving in Rockdale I started the community education basketball program for elementary students.

I feel that for Rockdale to grow and overcome the closing of Alcoa, we must attract new business. In order to do this we need to do whatever it takes to help new businesses open.

Wages Wages We must present a unified message from all organizations that represent Rockdale. To achieve this we need to enter into agreements with these organizations.

I believe that the city council needs to be the initiator and leader of this effort. If elected, the collaboration between organizations will be my focus.

I will work to unify the council, get agreements between various organizations that present the image of Rockdale to prospective citizens and businesses, organize volunteer organizations to assist neighbors in maintaining a community we can be proud of and do everything in my power to pull the community together.

I believe that I can provide the leadership to the council to move the community forward to a prosperous future.

Please remember to vote because every vote counts! I would appreciate your vote for me.

If you have individual questions for me you can contact me on facebook through my John King for Rockdale Mayor account.


Collier Perry

Dear Rockdale Voter,

The way I see it is that I am the “Change Agent” candidate for mayor.

If you’ve been here that long, you’ve known me for 60 years and what you’ve seen of me in the community over the years is what you get.

Lately I’ve walked the neighb or hoods and knocked on doors, and I’ve put my qualifications, philosophy, and action plan in The Rockdale Reporter and KRXT radio.

If you want a fresh, energized leader in Rockdale, vote for me.

If you want to talk about it, call me at 512-809-8004

Thank you.

City council

East Ward

Joyce Dalley

It has been a privilege to serve my neighbors as the east ward representative to the Rockdale City Council.

I have made many new friends and always attempted to keep an open line of communication. I believe my business related degrees along with a career in hospitality/tourism management are assets in studying and evaluating the challenges faced by our city.

I am proud of the council’s accomplishments during the past three years. There are many highlights, but of great importance are the increased efforts being made in critical infrastructure issues:

• Rehab of Airport and Runway Water Wells. Repairs to the Texas Street water well. Additives to remedy brown water caused by excessive amounts of iron.

• Approved design, construction, and funding of a new water tower to be constructed on the west side.

• Established utility project priorities

and adopted 10-year capital
improvement program for the water
However, I am most proud of several efforts to improve the east side
that I represent:
• Sumuel Park, first park on the
East Side.
• Water line replacement on MLK
Drive and part of Third Street.
• Beginning the removal of substandard structures along with establishing a plan for future road and
street repairs.
My decision to run for a second
term is based on my continued desire
to address ongoing areas of concern
as well as the challenges that lay
Particular efforts will be made in
the following areas:
• Encourage involvement of all
residents in city government.
• Create opportunities for our
young people to learn how city government works.
• First and foremost, we need to
restore our strong neighborhoods,
know our neighbors, care about one
another, and work together for the
betterment of our city.
No single person can do it alone.
I can’t and you can’t. Together we
can. Together we can create Rockdale pride.

City Council

East Ward Robert Lawhon

The Reporter did not receive a statement from this candidate.

City Council

West Ward Nathan Bland

My name is Nathan Bland and I would like your vote for the available Rockdale West Ward City Council seat.

The last f ive generations of my family have called Rockdale home. I grew up in Rockdale and attended the Rockdale school system.

After graduating f rom Rockdale High School, I attended Texas A& M in College Station where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science.

My wife Tabitha and I chose to make Rockdale home for us and our two-year-old son, Ryan.

I have worked at Miller Starnes Chevrolet Buick in Rockdale since 2007.

I have lived on both the east and west sides of Rockdale, and by working locally I get to meet and talk with many people both from the area and passing through.

While talking to the citizens and guests of Rockdale I hear many things both positive and negative about our town.

This is the time to do something about those things. I believe that we are at a critical point in the future of Rockdale.

The decisions that are made now will not only affect us but many generations to come.

I would like the opportunity to work with and for the citizens of Rockdale to help make those vital decisions.

Rockdale is poised for growth and economic expansion and we have to work together to reap the benefits. There are many areas that need attention but we must prioritize and come up with a viable plan for the future.

Franklin Roosevelt once said “Take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly, and try another. But by all means, try something.”

On your ballots this year please give me a try, it would be much appreciated.

City Council

West Ward Trent Wages

My name is Trent Wages

I’m running for your city council, west ward.

I have lived in Rockdale for 20 years and have a beautiful family here, and my wife owns a great business.

I have ser ved the city of Rockdale and parts of Milam County for over 17 years as a Rockdale volunteer fireman.

I know what it’s like to work hard for my community and I wish to work even harder for you as your councilman.

I’m asking for your vote on May 11, 2013.

Thanks and God bless.

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