Crude scam attempt targets TRIAD officer
Ted Hubert

Earl Whitmore of Rockdale received an e-mail from someone signing their name “Charles Swider,” telling Earl that his email filter is set to “exclusive.”

What does it mean to have the e-mail filter set to exclusive? Is this an update or a downgrade to what most email accounts use?

Searching the Internet did not provide information about the “exclusive” status on email filters.

It must be significant because the word “exclusive” is in blue ink while all other words are in black ink. Some words are in the bold print.

The date and time is given above the address, which, in itself is odd because it is to an airport in Alabama.

The email is addressed to: Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport, Airport Shuttle Keeper. There are no individuals mentioned

One might guess the airport is located in Birmingham, but the name of the city is not stated other than the zip code. The airport name and the zip code are correct for Birmingham, Alabama.

Supposedly, “Alfred E. Taylor” is giving details for Earl to get his $10 million dollars and he gives Birmingham, Alabama and 35212 as his zip code.

Earl is instructed to send $450 via money gram or Western Union. The money will cover the insurance certificate fee and delivery fee.

Even con artists charge money for shipping and handling, don’t you know?

Watch for this to come your way and take special notice to its wording.

No one with the command of the English language would misuse so many words nor would they state phrases so awkwardly. Examples: “I think it is a winning funds”; “I believe you can remember a dealing that has to do with some cooperate body or individual about this said funds…”

What about this: “….also send us your address as well for the delivery so that it won’t be deliver to the wrong address and someone else will receive a miracle he or she worked so hard for to get”.

Maybe you should reread the last part again.

Earl’s ATM card is “carrying winnings.”

“Swider sought information from proper authorities which directed Swider to Senator Harry Reid. The e-mail gives the senator’s office in Alabama located at this airport. Reid is a senator from Nevada and not Alabama.

The receiver of the e-mail is asked to reconfirm their full name and home address.

Can you reconfirm something that is not given in the first place? Actually, the sender is phishing for information. He/she wants Earl to give his personal data because these criminals do not have it.

People should be aware of the power of suggestion. Jumping to the conclusion that the scammer knows you, is exactly what the scammer hoped for.

Earl serves MCT as treasurer of the SALT committee. He just completed his 11th year of faithful service to Milam County.

If you know him, thank him for sharing this scam with us.

Talk to family and friends about this e-mail. Read scams arriving on your computer slowly. Look for simple mistakes. Be sure to report suspicious behavior to the proper authorities.

Do you know the difference between a snitch and a good citizen? The answer is “Nothing”. Reporting criminal activity is the right thing to do.

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