Teacher Appreciation Week
Dr. Howell Wright

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week across the nation. What a great time to recognize the people that prepare our students to become the citizens that will take care of us in the near future. Future doctors, law yers, legislators, bankers, inventors, welders, nurses, medical technicians, computer technicians, operations managers, interior decorators, car salesmen, teachers, etc. will be a product of our education system and mentored by our teachers.

All careers have some type of stress level associated with them, but teachers have a different type of stress because of their responsibility to help mold a child at the age of 4-5 to become a person that meets the curriculum requirements, understands how to work with others, and will be a productive member of society. Teachers have a remarkable ability to get many students to learn and do things that some of us as parents have a challenge getting our own children to do.

Please acknowledge your child’s teacher or any teacher that you know with a thank you and a smile. They deserve it and need it.

To our teachers: As another school year draws to a conclusion, I would like to take just a moment to express my sincere and deep thanks to you. I am so very grateful that you have been such an excellent teacher for our children during the past year. We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing summer—you certainly deserve it, as dedicated and hard working as you are. Thank you again for being such a bright light and special teachers.

On another note, House Bill 5 passed the Senate this past Monday night and will be headed to conference committee to iron out differences between the House and Senate. Once it leaves the conference committee, it will be up to Governor Perry to sign it into law, let it become law without signing or to veto it. This is a landmark bill that provides less testing for graduation requirements. It will reduce the number of required tests from 15 to five for high school students.

The bill also includes a more flexible and meaningful graduation plan for high school students. The foundation plan alone is rigorous enough to qualify a graduate for admission into our top tiered universities. There are also endorsement areas that will allowstudentstospecializeand begin working towards a certificate or degree.

The endorsements focus on a variety of areas from welding, health sciences, engineering, the humanities and arts, college preparation and other career pathways.

This bill will provide students with more options and flexibility to design a more meaningful high school experience. Thank you to all of you who have contacted our legislators to support this bill.

There are still several more bills waiting for approval that will reduce some of the testing in grades 3-8 and will provide a group of schools with the authority to design future learning environments.

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