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Deed Without Warranty

United States of America, Direct Loss Mitigation Bankruptcy Foreclosure, Default Management Branch to Bonnie G. Nava – Lot 52, Northwood Estates (v. 1,197, p. 797).

Warranty Deeds

Lawrence Dufrain III to Denise Dufrain – Miguel Davilla Survey A-13 (v. 1,197, p. 244).

Wanda M. Haisler to Donald Shelton and Marjorie Shelton – A.N. Green Addition, Cameron (v. 1,197, p. 268).

K.D. Caudle, individually and as independent executor, and Wilma Caudle Estate to Joy Peel – two tracts, Wylie Harrison Grant (v. 1,197, p. 381).

Rodney A. Hill to Everett L. Hill and Birdie J. Hill – Gabriel Jackson Survey A-223 (v. 1,197, p. 453).

Tommy H. Thompson and Kathy L. Thompson to R.K. Greenway and Lisa M. Greenway (v. 1,197, p. 677).

First National Acceptance Co. to Jimmie Branscum and Laura Williams-Branscum – S.C. Robertson Survey A-52 (v. 1,197, p. 721).

Gene W. Bonorden Jr. to Three Mile Creek Ranch Ltd. – Herbst and Thomas Surveys (v. 1,197, p. 784).

4-K Farm Trust, Kirk Wayne Thomas et al, trustees, to David M. Burg – Lewis Kelberg Survey A-230 (v. 1,197, p. 802).

Chad Barcak to William Barcak and Patricia Barcak – property, Travis County (v. 1,197, p. 879).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

Stephen Dean Terry and Lia M. Terry to Kendall L. Beason and Sharla Kay Beason – Jesse White Survey A-379 (v. 1,197, p. 318).

Lillie L. Reynolds to Maria R. Gonzalez – lot, Cameron (v. 1,197, p. 824).

Regina Lee Ray Harris et al to Steven Caffey and Amy K. Caffey – Lot 1, Block 4, Section 2, Coffield Addition (v. 1,198, p. 103).

Special Warranty Deeds

Norma Joan Lumpkin Estate, Michael Lumpkin, independent administrator, to Michael Lumpkin – three tracts, Lee R. Davis Survey A-137 (v. 1,197, p. 300).

FD Cameron Texas 4th Street LLC to Discount Retail Venture II Dst. – two tracts, part of Lot 2, Debault Subdivision (v. 1,197, p. 401).

Quinton White to Ladeena White – Newsom Gwatney Survey A-177 (v. 1,197, p. 460, 464).

Federal National Mortgage Association aka Fannie Mae to Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. – S.C. Robertson Survey A-52 (v. 1,197, p. 541).

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Curtis W. Good and Robin Good (v. 1,197, p. 635).

Randy Gene Kruger and Lois Marie Kruger aka Lois Marie Prinz to Randy G. & Lois M. Kruger Living Trust, Randy G. Kruger and Lois M. Kruger, co-trustees – two tracts, James Reese Survey A-303 (v. 1,197, p. 747).

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development and Pemco Ltd. Asset Manager No. C-OPC-23642 to Suzanne M. Litz (v. 1,197, p. 779).

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Geri Alexander – lots, Coffield Addition, Section 2, Rockdale (v. 1,197, p. 868).

Special Warranty Deed

With Vendor’s Lien

Fairview Subdivision Development LLC, Terry Arledge, manager, to Randal Jay Morgan and Patti Dawn Morgan – Lot 33, Fairview Subdivision (v. 1,197, p. 223).

Special Warranty Deed

Reserving Vendor’s Lien

Fairview Subdivision Development LLC, Terry Arledge, manager, to John O. Butts and Barbara R. Burns – Fairview Subdivision (v. 1,197, p. 845).

Mineral Royalty Deeds

Carolyn Leigh Smith aka Carolyn Lee Juergens Smith to Clear Fork Royalty II LP – A.M. Tandy Survey A-354 (v. 1,197, p. 881).

Phyllis Yvonne Green to Choctaw Energy Limited Partnership (v. 1,198, p. 11).

Quitclaim Deeds

Teresa Conoley Cook to William A. Belt III and Jo Ann Martin Belt – S.Y. Reams Survey (v. 1,197, p. 271).

FD Cameron Texas 4th Street LLC to City of Cameron – Lot 2, Debault Subdivision, Cameron (v. 1,197, p. 387).

Arlene Gadison and Marguerite Gadison to Hill-Fontaine-Shelby Association (v. 1,197, p. 719).

Hansford A. Woods to Hansford A. Woods and Rose L. Starr – Joseph Cottle Survey A-129 (v. 1,197, p. 782).

Dennis Dewayne Pelzel to Karen Pelzel Self (v. 1,198, p. 91).

Gift Deeds

Garney’s Real Estate Investments LLC, Ronald J. Garney Jr., member, to Ronald J. Garney Jr. and Estelle E. Garney – Lot 7, Block 2, Coffield Addition, Section 4 (v. 1,197, p. 507).

Thomas W. Grabener and Doris Grabener to Keith Donell Grabener – three tracts, D.A. Thompson Survey (v. 1,197, p. 514).

Owelty Deed

Vanessa Karen Dunn to Terry Loniel Dunn – HMD Nutt Survey A-284 (v. 1,197, p. 275).

Lease Joseph J. Brown to Robert J. Pelzel – 95.461 acres, S.C. Robertson Survey (v. 1,198, p. 67).

Oil and Gas Lease

General Land Office Commissioner to XTO Energy Inc. – 14.272 acres, Daniel B. Friar Survey (v. 1,198, p. 53).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases

Dawn M. Bankston aka Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – A.T. Miles Survey A-271 (v. 1,197, p. 473).

Rufus J. Sidney and Lucy Sidney Davis aka Lucy Sidney to Union Pacific Resources Co. – Fernando Rodriguez Survey A-53 (v. 1,197, p. 567).

Probate Cases Filed

James Perry and Stephen Noack applied for the Helen Noack Perry Estate – letters Testamentary (PR10942).

Sally Curtis applied for the Grace Curtis Estate – letters testamentary (PR10943).

Edna Bietrich applied for the Lenora Wenzel Jackson aka Lenora Wenzel Estate – muniment of title (PR10944).

John R. Williams applied for the Mozell Williams Estate – letters testamentary (PR10945).


Civil Cases Filed

Deborah Gage vs. Jennifer Farias – motor vehicle.

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