SHERIFF’S REPORT Storm, burglaries make for busy week

A fast- moving spring thunderstorm and several burglary reports helped make last week a busy one for the Milam County Sheriff’s Department.

During Friday’s storm, which brought violent weather to the very northern tip of Rockdale, the sheriff’s department answered calls to tree limbs blown down, or trees blocking roadways, on FM 908, FM 487 and County Road 342 in the Rockdale area and to FM 1712 near Minerva.

Break-ins were reported May 7 on FM 486 near Pettibone, May 8 in the Gause area and Friday on Cypress Loop west of Rockdale and County Road 446 between Rockdale and Thorndale.

Sheriff David Greene listed other calls during the past seven days as follows:

May 7—Animal nuisance, CR 350; civil matter, CR 412; disturbance, CR 350, Gause area; information, West Avenue A, Milano; civil matter, Davilla area; break in FM 486, Pettibone area; theft, Briar Lane, Minerva area; trespass, CR 342, Milano area; request to speak to deputy, North US 77, Burlington area.

May 8—Burglary of out building, Gause area; family matter, North Forth, Ben Arnold; shots heard, North 6th Street, Milano; runaway, CR 263; request to speak to deputy, Milano ISD; suspicious person, CR 278, Baileyville area; medical call, CR 255N; animal nuisance, CR 350; arrest made, Rockdale area; information, CR 265, Branchville area; information, CR 326; trespassers, FM 908, Rockdale area; information, CR 263; shots heard, Rockdale West; person walking on shoulder, FM 487, Sharp area; welfare concern, US 79, Rockdale area.

Thursday— Dispute/neighbors, Rockdale West; request to speak to deputy, Briar Lane, Minerva area; theft of property, East FM 485; welfare check, CR 352; debit/credit card abuse, FM 3061; bee removal, South FM 1915, Buckholts area; information, Briar Lane; alarm detected, NorthFM486,Buckholtsarea; horse welfare, FM 845, Cameron area; damaged property, CR 322, Milano area; information, CR 326, Rockdale area; dog bite, unknown area; verbal threats, FM 2027, Baileyville area; welfare check of person, Briar Lane; medical emergency, FM 486; dog bite, CR 353, Gause area; criminal trespass notice, South US 77, Minerva area; information, Lowes Truck Stop; road hazard, CR 249, Cameron area.

Friday—Alarm call, South FM 486, Thorndale area; medical call, CR 314, Rockdale area; horse welfare, FM 845, Cameron area; civil matter, Bowie Street, Cameron; residential alarm, CR 327, Milano area; information, CR 314, Rockdale area; burglary, Cypress Trail Loop, Rockdale area; speeding FM 1712, Rockdale area; break in, CR 446, Thorndale area; request to speak to deputy, CR 335, Rockdale area; criminal trespass notice, Briar Lane, Minerva; tree blocking roadway North FM 908, Rockdale area; dog in yard, North TX 36, Cameron area; welfare check, FM 485 East, Branchville area; information, FM 485, Branchville area.

Saturday— Suspicious person, US 79 East, Milano area; tree blocking roadway, FM 487, Rockdale area; tree limbs, CR 342, Rockdale area; tree blocking roadway, FM 1712, Minerva area; welfare check, US 79, Milano area; civil child custody, PR 5403, Buckholts area; arrest made, CR 418, Buckholts area; arrest made, TX 36, Cameron area; four wheeler,

Ben Arnold area; criminal trespass notice, CR 333, Rockdale area; arrest made, US 77/FM 1712, Minerva area; information, FM 1600, Cameron area.

Sunday—Wanted person, Rockdale area; civil child custody, CR 407, Buckholts; suspicious juveniles, CR 264, Branchville area; information, TX 36, Milano area; found property, McClarren Hill, Cameron area; traffic stop, Columbus Avenue, Cameron; suspicious activity, North FM 486, Thorndale area; loud music, South 1st Street, Milano; information, US 79, Rockdale area; suspicious vehicle, CR 221, Cameron area.

Monday—Disturbance, CR 104, Buckholts area; information, FM 487, Rockdale area; information, CR 308, Rockdale; civil matter, CR 232, Minerva area; civil matter, Rockdale area; disturbance, CR 442, Thorndale; traffic stop, US 79, Milano area; suspicious activity, FM 487, Rockdale area; theft, railroad tracks, Milano; welfare check, Ben Arnold area; medical call, CR 423.

There were also 12 loose livestock calls during the week.

CRIME STOPPERS—Tips on any crime listed above, or any other crime, may be phoned in to Milam County, toll-free, at 1-888- 697-TIPS (8477).

A reward of up to $1,000 may be paid for tips.

All calls to the CrimeStoppers system are anonymous.

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