Say ‘thanks’ to Milam school employees

Dear editor,

This past week, we recognized Milam County’s teachers, Administrators, staff, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, maintenance, secretaries and everyone else involved in teaching and operating our schools.

It is my hope that our community realizes how important all of these people are to our children’s daily life and to their future.

We often attend and cheer at sporting events, concerts, and other venues that spotlight our children, but it’s the day-to-day contact that these dedicated people spend with our children that is where they make the biggest impact on our kids.

This is what we need to be sure to stand and applaud. The caring, patience and knowledge our teachers and school personnel share is the heart and soul of what makes our schools special.

If you didn’t get a chance to thank everyone at your child’s school last week, be sure to do it before this school year is out. We ask so much of our school’s staff.

We hear many people tearing down our teachers and our schools. It would be nice if they would use their words and energies to help our schools and our teachers.

Schools reflect the best of our parents, our children’s future and the hopes for the future of our communities. If your children are grown or if you don’t have children, you should still thank our schools. They are working hard to see that our children become good citizens for our communities.

The Milam County Retired Teachers Association salutes all of the leaders and employees of our schools.

We wish you nothing but the best and continue to work to support you. We know how many hours you work, how tired you are when you come home and still have to be a father or mother to your own children.

We know how late you will be up after your kids have gone to bed to grade papers and plan next week’s lessons. We know how many weekends you have given up to take a group of students to a competition and left your own children with someone else.

We know and appreciate what you do.

Our teachers deserve our prayers, our love and our respect. Give them your hand, your time and your energies. I know they would appreciate it.


Jamie Larson

President, Milam County Retired Teachers Association

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