Rockdale One-Stop project includes new courtroom
David Barkemeyer
Milam County Judge

A t the last commissioner’s court meeting, during the budget update, we reported on the renovation project at the Rockdale One-Stop Center which has now been completed.

As a result of the recent departure of the Health and Human Services (also known to some of us as the Medicaid) Department, which moved to their new building in the Cameron Business Park, space became available in the One Stop Center for the construction of a Justice-of-the- Peace courtroom for Precinct 3.

Three offices along with the adjacent hallway were converted into a small courtroom.

A jury room is provided along with an office for the JP which is immediately behind the judge’s bench area.

An office for Precinct 3 constable is provided as well. The entry waiting area is separated from the JP clerk’s area by sliding windows and a counter for better security.

The area near the center of the building that was previously occupied by the JP offices was renovated with pay windows and counter space added and is now used by the Tax Assessor/Collectors Department.

Art by Arianna Johnson, a second-grader at Rockdale Elementary School. Art by Arianna Johnson, a second-grader at Rockdale Elementary School. This gives them more space for their operation and better access by the public as well.

The project was done with cur- rent maintenance budget dollars from the 510 Court House and Associated Buildings Line Item at a cost of $44,450.

The end of April report may be viewed on the web site at

The judge’s bench and jury box were donated to the county by the Rockdale Juvenile Detention Center.

Andy Isaacs, Precinct 3 JP, utilized used furniture such that total furnishings were accomplished for some $1,500.

Bottom line is we feel that we were able to provide a first class JP courtroom and related offices at the Rockdale county facilities that make the our Rockdale facilities look much more professional and we were able to do it at a very economical price.

I’d like to thank Mike Lindeman, owner of the Juvenile Detention Center for donating the courtroom bench furnishings and Andy Isaacs, Precinct 3 JP, for managing the project, a job well done.

Stop by and take a look.

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