Wilde and Breithaupt lead RHS Class of ‘13

Commencement set May 31 at Tiger Field

Wilde Wilde 4.3980. She is the daughter of Teresa Breithaupt and Billy Breithaupt.

TOP GRADS— Geletka announced other honor graduates with 90-and-above averages as follows:

• William Dean, 4.2333, son of Susan and James Dean.

• Kaley Dodd, 4.2300 daughter of Jana and Eddie Dodd.

• Emi ly Brinkley, 3.9542 daughter of Debbie and Greg Brinkley.

• Ethan Brinkley, 3.813, son of Debbie and Greg Brinkley.

• Melinda Perez, 3.8712, daughter of Leesa and Marco Perez.

• Erika Rivera, 3.8137, daughter of Amparo and Margarito Rivera.

• Nicholas Pelzel, 3.7804, daughter of Audrey and Clayton Pelzel.

• Grant Galbreath, 3.6979, son of Robin and Billy Galbreath.

• Lisa Vest, 3.6523, daughter of Rebecca Vest and Travis Connor.

• Benito Costilla, 3.6060, son of Ofelia and Julian Costilla.

Breithaupt Breithaupt • McKenzi Hicks, 3.5500, daughter of Jennifer Hicks and Noland Hicks.

• Ashley Lowden, 3.5467, daughter of April and Michael Turman.

• Sierra Mendez, 3.4085, daughter of Sonia and Keith Mendez.

• Denise Orozco- Picazo, 3.3944, daughter of Juana Orozco and Alfredo Orozco.

• Yency Guzman, 3.3563, daughter of Cecilia and Julio Guzman.

• Jerry Vargas, 3.3429, son of Eliza Vargas.

• The 19th-place honor graduate instructed the school not to release their name or GPA.

• Jessica Juarez, 3.1939, daughter of Laura Llanas.

• Nicholas Gonzalez, 3.1731, son of Cynthia Gonzalez and Faustino Gonzalez.

• Kayleigh Montelongo, 3.1021, daughter of Carol and Freddy Montelongo.

• McKenzie Starr, 3.1000, daughter of Charlotte and Kevin Starr.

• Kaylee Alonso, 3.0646, daughter of Maria and Noe Alonso.

• Dalton Kurz, declined to have GPA released, son of Deana Samford and Paul Kurz.

• Roman Herrera, 3.0280, son of Maria and Ray Herrera.

• Jacob Crump, 3.0265, son of Kimberly and Mike Crump.

• Ariel Buentello, 3.0130, son of Bertha and Hector Buentello.

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