C-Scope curriculum said ‘anti-Christian’

Dear editor,

Now that the school year is coming to a close for this session, perhaps, those of us that are interested in what our children are learning can come together and discuss some of these concerns.

This can be done on a regular basis at a “town hall” type setting where we ask for people of influence to come forward and explain their actions as teachers, school board members, or council members.

The first question I would want to ask is “why teach the C-scope curriculum at any level in our schools?

Some time ago a state school board member told me that the state board can recommend curriculum, but, it is the local school board that has the final say as to what is being taught.

Watching Hal Lindsey’s TV program on May 10 he ment ioned C- Scope curriculum being used in Texas and how anti-Christian it is.

If you are not familiar with the C-scope curriculum you can view a review on the Internet at to get an idea of its damaging affect on our children.

Then you can go to the and click parents/ c-scope to bring up sample on line lessons through the Quick Search section.

I did this for the subject “Social Studies” for 8th grade students. The material was really non- substantive and really left you with an empty feeling about America.

For example, the three reasons that Europeans explored America was for “God, Gold, and Glory”. That’s it! What a waste of taxpayer money to teach this.

So the student, I’m afraid, could be left with a feeling of greed that the Europeans had toward this land. They came and killed the natives, took their land and their gold, and brought over the black man to work for them in the fields while they sipped mint juleps on their porches.

I wonder if any 8th grade student read anything about the “Mayf lower Compact” and about its significance in shaping our Constitution and other State Constitutions.

So the next time you talk to an 8th grader ask if he or she can describe the Mayf lower Compact, although the lesson plans discussed do show that the student may have had access to some of these founding documents.

So my quest ion would be asked of a school board member and then we would call up the 8th grade social studies teacher to explain the information that is being taught to the students.

I looked on the Rockdale ISD website but failed to find any way to contact our elected school board member.

There should be an e- mail bank for the school board members where we could send our concerns via e- mail to them from time to time.

Yours truly,

Bill Vogelpohl

127 East Cameron


Editor’s note: On Monday, Texas legislators announced the state’s Education Service Centers will no longer issue lesson plans for the C-Scope program.

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