Quit dumping unwanted pets ‘in the country’

Dear editor,

As I read the history column in last week’s Rockdale Reporter about Reporter publisher-editor C.L. Tanner and his ideas about the dog problem in 1903, I had to agree with C.L. Tanner.

My wife and I live out in the country a few miles from Rockdale. In the past month and a half we have had a momma cat with three kittens dumped on us as well as two big black, ugly mongrel dogs, no collars, but ribs sticking out, and a mean look about them.

Last week, a younger dog, part German Shepard and the rest Heinz 57 variety showed up.

Now since we live a few miles from Rockdale and on a county road, I have wondered just where are these dogs and cats coming from? Could it be from Rockdale? Is it as bad today with dogs that people don’t won’t any more as it was in 1903 in Rockdale?

Those cute fuzzy little puppies do grow up, as they grow up they chew up everything in the house or yard wherever they are kept. They do dig holes all over the yard or neighbors yards causing problems and trouble.

Do some people think that country people will take care of all their problems that they don’t have enough guts to take care of themselves. Do they think that country people really want that dog or cat they don’t won’t anymore. If you believe that, think again.

We don’t have a dog catcher out here. When these dumped dogs and cats show up, I have a big problem.

I have spent a lot of money on corn, bird seed, hummingbird feeders etc. We have squirrels, coons, cottontail rabbits, one jackrabbit, hummingbirds, and all type of birds coming into our backyard to feed. I have let about two acres behind our house grow up as a wildlife sanctuary.

My wife loves to sit on our back screened-in porch to watch all this wildlife. We even have three roadrunners nest ing behind our house.

How would anyone feel if they had a wildlife sanctuary set up behind their house to protect the birds and animals I named above, only to have someone come and dump big killing dogs or cats on you?

I know where these unwanted animals are being dumped, and since I am a deer hunter and have trail cameras, they will be set up and hid so be warned.

Billy E. Strelsky

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