‘Lockdown’ situation defused

Rockdale police and the Milam County Sheriff ’s department teamed up to defuse a brief “soft lockdown” situation involving Rockdale Elementary School just before noon Thursday.

Rockdale Police Lt. J. D. Newlin told The Reporter a woman who lived outside Rockdale had advised she was headed for the school to pick up her child and then planned to commit suicide. Newlin said the woman had left with a “full bottle of pills.”

Police went to the school to wait for the woman, but she was located on US 79 in Rockdale by a Milam County deputy sheriff before getting near the campus and was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Pam Kaufmann, RISD assistant superintendent, said as a precaution, the campus went into a soft lockdown, meaning all exterior doors were locked and no one from outside was allowed in.

Officers emphasized at no time were students or anyone at the school in any danger.

Sheriff David Greene said other calls during the past seven days included:

May 14—Suspicious noise, RV Park, Rockdale area; welfare check, CR 406, Buckholts area; civil matter, 1097 North FM 487, Rockdale area; suspicious activity, CR 352, Gause area; welfare check, FM 486, Thorndale area; theft of property, Avenue L, Buckholts; welfare concern, US 79, Gause area; civil matter, CR 311, Rockdale area; civil matter, Cameron area; theft, FM 487, Rockdale area; information, Rogers area.

May 15—Credit card abuse, CR 314, Rockdale area; assist other agency, Rogers area; criminal mischief, Cypress Trail Loop, Rockdale area; suspicious activity, FM 485, Maysfield area; disturbance, FM 486, Thorndale area; phone scam, FM 1444, Ben Arnold area; information, PR 5043, Davilla.

Thursday—Animal nuisance, CR 309, Rockdale area; animal nuisance, PR 5001, Davilla area; trespassing, US 79, Thorndale area; illegal dumping, CR 350, Gause area; information, Cummings Road, Thorndale area; theft, CR 304, Rockdale area; welfare check, Avenue A, Milano; theft of property, CR 437, Thorndale area; 911 abandoned call, San Gabriel area; request to speak to deputy, Rockdale Junior High, Rockdale.

Friday— Suspicious activity, Crestview, Rockdale; power line down, US 77, Minerva area; power outage, Avenue B, Milano; 911 hang up CR 115, Cameron area; information, US 190, Cameron area; information, CR 328, Milano area; terroristic threat, CR 328, Milano area; animal nuisance, CR 305, Rockdale area; theft, FM 485, Cameron area; disturbance, Beverly Road, Rockdale area; information, US 79/77 intersection, Rockdale area; medical, CR 265S, Branchville area; medical emergency, FM 485, Cameron area; welfare check, CR 443, Thorndale area; assault, Cedar Shop parking lot, Gause; theft of property, Avenue C, Milano; information, FM 487, Rockdale area.

Saturday—Suspicious noise, Royal Seating and Cameron Oaks Apartments, Cameron; threat, Lometa area; disturbance, Whip- O-Will, Rockdale area; theft, CR 306, Rockdale area; theft, Gause Street, Gause; information,

Rockdale area; assist other agency, Walmart, Rockdale; scam attempt, Magnolia Street, Gause; information, at the end of CR 336; motorist assist, US 190 and CR 110, Buckholts area; vehicle blocking railroad, US 79, Milano area; request to speak to deputy, Perry Lane, Thorndale area; report information, Buckholts area; request for information, CR 215; civil matter property, Cummings Road, Thorndale area; civil matter, Cummings Road, Thorndale area; verbal argument, Whip- O-Will, Rockdale area; welfare concern, TX 36, Milano area; abandoned vehicle, CR 335, Rockdale area; medical call, CR 250A, Maysfield area; arrest made, FM 487, Sharp area; animal carcass, FM 1712, Minerva area.

Sunday—Medical call, CR 327, Milano area; information, US 79 and CR 375, Milano area; medical call, CR 355 Loop, Gause area; assault, CR 232 Loop, Minerva area; assault, CR 232, Minerva area; 911 hang up, East US 79, Rockdale area; lift assist, North FM 487, Rockdale area; animal welfare, CR 265 South, Branchville area; suspicious activity, CR 229, Cameron area; dispute, South US 77, Minerva area; information, Rattlers, Cameron; theft, South US 77, Cameron area; assist other agency, CR 342, Milano area; information, East of Hearne area.

Monday—Attempted break in, FM 487, Rockdale area; harassment, CR 254, Cameron area; request to speak to deputy, FM 2269, Cameron area; request to speak to deputy, North FM 487, Pettibone area; suspicious activity, CR 323/322, Rockdale area; burglar alarm, CR 416, Buckholts area; animal attack, PR 6030, Cameron area; break in, CR 342, Milano area; civil matter, CR 106.

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