‘Golden instant’

High-tech protection for schools is truly a modern miracle

A rthur Eddington, the astronomer, is generally credited with originating the saying “not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”

Today’s technology is like that. It’s capable not only of doing more than we imagine, it literally now can do more than we can imagine.

A case in point. In the aftermath of the horrific Connecticut school shootings of last year, everyone wanted to do everything possible to make kids at school safer, although, frankly, kids are still statistically safer at school than anywhere else, certainly safer than in the vehicles getting them to and from school.

But did anyone imagine a system where a teacher, when anything potentially dangerous happens in their class, can punch one computer icon and instantaneously notify the entire school, along with the nearest law enforcement personnel?

That’s what’s going to be happening in the Rockdale ISD, probably as soon as this fall. No kidding. It’s called COPsync 911 and you can read the details in a story on page 1A.

It’s going to get even easier to “send in the cops” in the event there’s a school emergency. COPsync is working on an app which will extend the alert system to cellphones and tablets.

Emergency medical people have talked about the “golden hour,” the goal of getting patients to a medical facility within an hour of their being stricken, or injured, and exponentially improving their chances of surviving.

Where school safety is concerned, we are literally at the point of talking about a “golden instant,” where help can be summoned instantaneously.

Now, as we’ve so painfully learned, nothing can totally shield kids—adults for that matter—from encountering pure evil, if pure evil is determined, crafty and persistent.

But this is close. Now, please God, that we never need to use it.—MB

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