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In these trying economic times, every dollar that can be stretched becomes more valuable. While many industries have taken a hit as the economy has suffered through its darkest period in decades, the auto industry, particularly American auto manufacturers, has suffered greatly.

As the economy has sunk into a recession, more and more people are looking to get more out of their vehicles.

To get the most out of your car or truck, consider the following maintenance tips to keep your car running smoothly as long as you need it to.

Drive more cautiously

How you drive can have a very positive or very negative impact on your vehicle’s lifespan. When driving, accelerate and brake as smoothly as possible.

Accelerating too quickly can waste gas, costing you lots of money, and prove very taxing to your vehicle’s engine.

In addition, braking too hard can greatly decrease the life expectancy of your brake pads.

Stick to a maintenance schedule

A vehicle can be like a house in many ways, requiring upkeep, cleaning and maintenance.

Check your automobile’s owner’s manual for maintenance guidelines, including manufacturer recommendations with respect to oil change schedules as well as how frequently to change transmission fluid, power steering fluid and the air filter.

Maintenance schedules are often guidelines, and as a car gets older it can be a better idea to get tune-ups more frequently than even the manufacturer recommends.

Know what you’re driving

Another way to increase your vehicle’s lifespan is to become more acquainted with the vehicle’s make and model.

Because cars are manufactured en masse, individual makes and models typically experience similar problems as they get older. Put online vehicle forums to use so you’re better prepared for any potential problems that might come as your car ages.

Knowing a car’s weaknesses can help you alter your driving habits so you can negate those weaknesses and keep the car running smoothly as it gets older.

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