‘We built it—and they did come!’

Milano’s butterfly garden project attracting Monarchs
Memorial Garden Publicist

MILANO—The Milano community project—“Bring Back the Monarchs” to the Milano Junction Memorial Garden—has had tremendous community involvement and support—and the proof is fluttering in the air.

Volunteers, in addition to the garden work, have been attending various courses, learned how to build a cedar trellis for shelter for our “little critters” and we got to tag and release several Monarchs from this new site.

Besides building a beautiful and productive Butterfly Garden in a vacant city lot with 100 percent volunteer effort, new friendships have developed.

Most important, this project has already brought in several Monarch larva. Several volunteers have also noted several other species of butterflies and moths enjoying this garden.

As our way to further enlighten the community, we have offered courses on: “Attracting Pollinators With Native Plants,” introductory and advanced Monarch courses, “Sex in the Butterf ly Garden,” and “Mycology is Better than Yours—Tx Mushrooms.”

More than 100 residents of Milam, Bell, Brazos and Lee counties have attended these courses and increased their knowledge on the importance of what pollinators proved to us.

We have also continued our efforts with our youngest residents by presenting a course to Rockdale students on the beautiful Monarch butterfly. Just ask those bright little ones what is “FRASS,” I am confident they will educate you quickly.

The public is invited to stop by and come enjoy the beginnings to a beautiful garden and park in downtown Milano. We thank everyone who has participated in the community project and we do know the many pollinators thank you as well.

Were you aware that 90 percent of our food crops eaten daily require pollination?

Anyone interested in learning more about butterflies, feel free to e-mail Debbi Harris: We do believe:

“We Shall Build It and They Shall Come” and they have! As our garden grows and we have helped increased the Monarch population, we clearly can see that “FRASS HAPPENS!”

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