Burglary 101: How to keep your home safe
Ted Hubert

The following tips will protect you from robbers. Chris McGoey a nd R ichard T . Wright interviewed 105 burglars for their book “Burglars on the Job.”

Burglars will look familiar. A stranger will draw more notice than local folks. The unlawful would like to blend in.

The man working in the yard for you, needs to use the restroom in your home. You allow it and he unfastens the window lock on his way for easy access later.

After someone enters your home for whatever excuse, you should check the window locks, just in case.

Thieves do watch for newspapers piling up in your yard. or driveway. Some crooks have actually placed a pizza flyer on the door to see if it is there the next day.

If you are going to be away from home ask a neighbor to gather the newspapers. It is also suggested, for those living in areas, where snow happens, you should ask the neighbor to walk in the fresh snow around your house.

Do you have decorative glass in your front door? This could offer important information to the unlawful. Is your living room in view, so that your television can be seen by you and the uninvited?

The bad guys may return when you are not watching.

A favorite trick is to knock on the door or ring the doorbell. If you answer, you are asked to give directions or to hire the handyman to clean the house gutter system. If the knock or ring is not answered, then the thief tries opening the door. Many times the door is not locked and the uninvited walk in and helps himself to your worldly belongings.

Where is your favorite hiding place in your home?

You place valuables out of sight. Information during these interviews found that burglars do go through the sock drawers and check the dresser drawers but seldom go into the children’s rooms.

They search for items hidden in the bed side table and medicine cabinets.

Thieves do not have the time to crack a safe, but they will take the safe with them, if it is not secured well. They will have time to work on it at their home.

The interviews found that the burglar doesn’t like dogs, loud television sets, alarm systems, or nosey neighbors. Not necessarily in this order.

You can purchase a device that simulates a television set to those outside your home. Price for the fake starts at $29.95 and goes higher for more sophisticated machines. Buy it on or try googling in You can place it on a timer, so it is not on during the day.

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