Cameo Building loss will ‘scar’ downtown

Dear editor,

I was saddened to read how the city council has treated Gloria Thrasher, who has been trying to save the Cameo building, a historic downtown structure, for the benefit of Rockdale and the owners of the properties attached to it.

Have any of the council members, or the mayor, actually talked with Mrs. Thrasher about her efforts to maintain and repair the Cameo building?

Do any of them realize Mrs. Thrasher could have left ownership of the structure in the hands of an absentee owner who probably would not or could not address any of its problems?

Do any realize that ownership of this burden became Mrs. Thrasher’s only days before demolition was first ordered and before Mrs. Thrasher had any time or opportunity to gather evidence, or architectural plans, without any assurance that such plans would be given serious and professional consideration?

Demolition of the Cameo will leave a big scar on an already blighted downtown.

Where is Rockdale going to find a developer willing to replace that structure with anything “new and improved?”

Margaret Shackelford

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