Pepper spray still then choice for self-protection
Ted Hubert

Thieves shop. They drive through neighborhoods looking for a good place to rob.

Social networking poses its dangers. People give more information than is necessary You must guard against others revealing family names, maiden names, birthdates, or when you will leave and return from trips.

The lowest of the low are thieves who read the obituary column for information about the funeral. While the house is empty, they take your valuables.

It is recommended for families of the departed to find a friend to stay at the home site during the funeral.

You may have read about using wasp spray rather than pepper spray to ward off evil people because it has a longer range and can keep the assailant at a further distance.

A church worker was worried about someone robbing her while counting the offering collected on Sunday.

Police recommended the wasp spray. She keeps a can of it on her desk.

But read the warning on the label. It is not to be used indoors. Anyone using the product in ways not recommended on the can is violating a federal law.

Pepper spray has been tested as a non-lethal product used in self defense. It’s very effective because it contains the chemical capsaicin, an inflammatory agent causes a burning sensation

When sprayed in the face it immediately causes the eyes to close involuntarily, eyes to tear up, and is painful. It affects the esophagus, trachea, and respiratory track.

Ingredients found in wasp spray are pyrethrins extracted from the chrysanthemum plant. It attacks the insect’s nervous system and kills them. Wasp spray is not recommended as a non-lethal defense device used for protection by safety experts or law enforcers.

An Ohio State University bulletin noted “Because of their low level of toxicity, however, pyrethrins and synthetic pyrethroids usually cause only irritation to the skin and eyes.”

The best reason for not using wasp spray to blind an assailant is that it does not work.

But it is true that wasp spray will travel further with a more direct stream than pepper spray. It is true that the wasp spray can comes in larger containers and is less expensive than pepper spray but it does not cause temporary blindness.

Pepper spray has been tested on humans and approved as a self defense device. Wasp spray use may result in a felony charge that carries jail time and fine. Pepper spray will render a person helpless. Wasp spray does not.

Tamara L. Pinkston, founder and Instructor of the Oklahoma Personal Defense Academy for Women, recommends that women carry the pepper spray in their hand when going to their car or any place dangerous.

Her students said approaching women just walk by, but men take the path putting more distance between them.

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