Town creed from 1930s preached ‘shop at home’
Joy Graham

Scarbrough and Hicks store was located at the corner of Ackerman and East Cameron where Lucy Hill Patterson library is located now.

Their store motto was “Always the best—All ways.” After the store burned in 1935, the lot sat empty until the library was built.

A good friend loaned me a publication that Scarbrough & Hicks published during their time in Rockdale.

It is a framed hand fan passed out to their customers which has the following message:

It’s great to say Good Morning in our town, It’s fine to say hello there too, But it’s better to grasp the hand in our town, of a loyal friend who boasts Our Town too. OUR TOWN’S CREED I BELIEVE in our town, first, last and all the time. Get in line or get out!

I BELIEVE in our deals of Boost Our Town: Buy at Home.

I BELIEVE in our institutions, religious, educational and commercial.

I BELIEVE in peace, not strife.

I BELIEVE in talking prosperity, not depression.

I BELIEVE in service, not servitude.

I BELIEVE in encouragement, not criticism.

I BELIEVE in spreading good news; gossip is social poison.

I BELIEVE in boosting, not knocking.

I BELIEVE in kindness, politeness and courtesy to my fellowman at all times.

I BELIEVE in truthfulness. Falsehood is a liability.

I BELIEVE in our home blessing.

I BELIEVE in preparedness today for the greater tasks of tomorrow.

I BELIEVE in making our town a power in the state and if we all get together, boost and buy at home, it will make all highways into our town real “highways to success.”

Toward the bottom of this fan are printed:



A man who neglects his duty as a citizen of his own town is not entitled to his rights as a citizen of any town.

It’s the time, effort and money you spend at home that brings resources and assets to this town of our own.

Our forefathers spoke their conscience.

I am proud they had a mission when they began our small rural cities.

Hopefully we still have many people who still believe in our rural cities enough to dwell on the town creeds of the past for our future

Resource: Scarbrough Hicks Fan 1930’s loaned by C. Robison.

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