C-SCOPE still around; town hall session asked

Dear editor,

It is st i ll here. C- SCOPE affecting our school. The curriculum administrator in Rockdale ISD told me that only CSCOPE’S lesson plans have been eliminated.

I believe C- SCOPE is allowing teachers to copy and save these lesson plans free of charge through the middle of August.

The administrator told me that now Rockdale ISD uses Scope and Sequence curriculum. This is still C-SCOPE says Janice VanCleave. (see RedHot-

Alex Newman has written an article in The New American stating “that in one lesson plan C-SCOPE introduced the Christian religion as a “cult,” even suggesting that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ described in the Bible represented repackaged versions of Egyptian and Persian mythology—an absurd notion that has been debunked by countless scholars and theologians.

Another lesson suggested the famous Boston Tea Party could be considered an “act of terrorism.”

The C-SCOPE curriculum was developed by leaders and staff of the 20 Texas Education Service Centers using contract writers, outside curriculum consultants and technology.

It is a comprehensive K-12 program, prov iding an early foundation, then adds layer after layer of information as the student progresses through the program. The indoctrination begins when the child enters kindergarten as reported on the Red Hot Conservative web site.

C- SCOPE content has not been reviewed, monitored or controlled by the Texas State Board of Education because someone at Texas Education Agency classified it as supplementary materials, thereby, avoiding scrutiny by the state board, a pretty sly move to get to our kids with wrong information.

I think it’s time that this community hold a town hall meeting to ask certain questions of each School Board member (who, incidentally, are responsible for what is being taught) and of teachers who have to teach under these circumstances.

We as concerned taxpaying citizens especially want to know if anyone is advised not to discuss the C- SCOPE program in any form.

I would like to hear from all parents and clergy who are concerned about the education of Rockdale’s children and who could assist in bringing about this community discussion.

Perhaps, we together can establish a time and place to discuss our concerns before asking the school board members to address us.

Bill Vogelpohl

127 East Cameron


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