Presentations scheduled in commissioner sessions
David Barkemeyer
Milam County Judge

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the court house one day. I walked in, looked around and thought that I was alone.

Playing for the county team is not like playing for a sports team where the more games that you win, the more the people show up to watch the game.

On the county team, you’re expected to do a good job.

The voters elect you to do the job right, spend their tax dollars wisely, run an open transparent government, do what they expect you to do, but then more or less stay out of their lives.

In other words, you’d just as soon not have to come to meetings, listen to or read a bunch of details or political information, or otherwise pay much attention to what your elected officials are doing.

Anyway, that’s how I read the fact that very few citizens show up for commissioner’s court meetings any more, hit on our county web site, come to the community communicat ion meetings that I hold from time to time, and so on.

Yet, I of ten get comments from many of you thanking me for keeping you informed, for having communicated so well about county government since I’ve been in office, and the like. I think I understand, and I’m going to keep on doing what I’m doing even though attendance and participation is light.

Frankly, political business is often boring to me, too; Margia can tell you I’m quick to f lip the channel on the politicians myself.

All this small talk to tell you I’m even going to try one more thing on you.

Some of you have been asking to hear more from the other county elected of f icials and department heads at commissioners court and elsewhere regarding their departments, what they do, current activities and highlights, future plans, budget performance, etc. I plan to schedule one or two such presentations each month in commissioners court meetings in the weeks ahead and will announce these in advance in this column.

I hope many of you will be interested in attending some of these to hear your elected off icials and various county department heads come tell about what goes on in their areas of responsibility.

We’ll try to also get some of the information they present on the county web site and in the news media as well.

By the way, I do appreciate all you do to support your county government.

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