Love your garden, get water smart, fast

About one in three gallons of residential water use occurs outside of the home. That's a lot of water in a state blanketed by a worsening drought. Our water habits have to change rapidly. Successful and conscientious gardeners are wisely adopting practices that conserve water resources and also sustain attractive landscaping including grasses and flowering plants.

To help keep gardening hopes and plants alive, and to protect community water supplies, adopt these water-wise strategies:

• Use a layer of mulch on the surface of your planting beds to minimize evaporation of moisture and suppress weed growth that competes with water.

• Water only when plants look like they need it. Most plants die from over-watering, not under-watering.

• Water your plants deeply, but less frequently, to encourage deep root growth and drought tolerance.

• Use watering cans, whenever possible, especially when watering just a few patio plants.

• Choose water-smart plants adapted to your area.

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