Some treats you never want to end
Peggy Cooke

Since son Ken and wife Chris and their boys Esten, 12, and Will, 10, moved to Fredericksburg, we often meet “halfway” when the boys are coming to visit. Their cousin Augie, 8, was visiting at their house last week, so we had three boys when we picked them up in Burnet.

On the way home, we stopped in Georgetown for a “dip bar” treat at a mall. They have dozens of flavors of ice cream bars which are dipped into dark or milk chocolate and then covered with all sorts of sprinkles, nuts and tasty crumbs.

Esten and Will both chose a strawberry bar dipped in milk chocolate and then crushed M&Ms and chocolate sprinkles. Augie chose a cappuccino bar dipped in dark chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. I got cappuccino, milk chocolate and pecans and Bill got a vanilla shake which we teased as having “no character.”

We all scarfed our various choices quickly, except for Augie. He wasn't half through when everybody else was finished. He kept eating very slowly even though the cousins were encouraging him to hurry.

I finally asked him if he didn't like his choices and he set me straight: “I love it. I just don't want it to end!” Everybody left him alone to enjoy his bar but it actually ended when the final bit of dark chocolate fell off the bar almost into his lap!


I hope you have a chance to visit the Memorial Prayer Garden on the First Presbyterian Church grounds. It's a wonderful place for meditation or prayer with benches and large rocks to sit on under the huge trees. The walk ways are in the shape of a cross and the centerpiece is a standing fountain surrounded by memorial bricks. (See aerial photo of the garden on the Faith page of this issue.)

It's still a work in progress with planting still going on and a lot of the work has been done by church members. Barbara Thompson, a founding member when the church was built 60 years ago, is in charge of a dedication ceremony for the garden on Sept. 15, the church’s 60th anniversary. Barbara's late husband, Bob Thompson, was also instrumental in the founding of the church and he and their sons planted the giant live oaks that surround the garden.

It’s a beautiful, peaceful place and our dog, Aggie, and I often take advantage of it when we walk in that neighborhood.


Everybody should celebrate their 90th birthday in style like Anna Duncum did Saturday, thanks to daughters, Margo Gilless and Debra Jackson, their in-laws and outlaws, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Besides all these and other family members, there was a host of friends to help celebrate.

They even incuded a Dixieland band and I saw Anna “twinkle-toeing” around the room to these familiar tunes. Happy Birthday, Anna!

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