Even in the interim, things work out for the best
Bill Cooke

Neighbor Grover sez it may only be his imagination, but he thinks buffalo wings taste just like chicken. A tip of the community hat to the Rockdale ISD Board of

Trustees for their tireless dedication to our youth.

Our school board’s search for a new superintendent has been a lengthy ordeal—replete with one unexpected setback when the “lone finalist” accepted the job verbally but backed out at the last minute. She got a big raise and stayed put in Grand Prairie.

Can you spell “leverage?”

Sometimes it’s hard to realize things happen for the best, but it generally works out that way, and so it is on this occasion.

The rejection left trustees with a best option of hiring an interim superintendent at this late juncture. That led to more long sessions and another marathon of interviews.

School board president Lee Jenkins’ enthusiasm for the interim hire, Don Denbow, expressed in this newspaper last week, is understandable.

Don Denbow Don Denbow Denbow is a native of Corsicana who served the Corsicana ISD for 36 years, the final six as superintendent. During those 36 years, his stints as a coach, principal and superintendent were marked by much achievement for that district. He even served two terms on the city council there.

“Don just radiates integrity,” Lee said, “and after retiring in 2010, he realized he really missed the kids and the challenges.” Lee said what was envisioned was a “3-to-4-day-aweek” interim superintendent, but Don has said he wants to live here and go at it pretty much full time.

So, here’s a big welcome to Don, who is already busy meeting a very competent administration and teaching staff, even though his first day will officially not be until Aug. 19.

Art by Karmjit Gill, a 2012-13 junior at Rockdale High School. Art by Karmjit Gill, a 2012-13 junior at Rockdale High School. And when you see a school board member, tell him or her that you appreciate their service. That’s normally a thankless volunteer job, but it shouldn’t be. They’re working diligently in behalf of our town’s most precious commodity— our kids.

And what about that superintendent search firm that was contracted to locate prospects and led the board through the process that, eventually, did not work out? Did they get paid?

“Yes, but they owe the district another search for free when the time comes,” said trustee Kent Bowermon when I posed that question to him the other day.

The contract stipulates that if a superintendent is hired but leaves the RISD within three years, the search firm owes the district a free search. Fair enough deal.

Kent, incidentally, is a retired school superintendent and a school board member who brings a wealth of savvy to the table.

Go Big Blue!

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