Jury duty, grandkids and hotel scams thrive
Ted Hubert

Would you pay a fine with your credit card, if you could avoid arrest and jail time?

In the jury duty scam a caller informs the victim that neglecting to respond to jury duty is a misdemeanor and subject to fine and/or arrest.

A constable is on his way to serve papers, but if you act now, the officer can receive a “standdown” call, which would cancel the delivery of the summons.

The victim anxiously pays the fine to the con artist with his credit card. He freely gives credit card number, expiration date, and the three digit number on the back.

The victim’s identity was successfully stolen. They will learn laterthatnoarresthadbeen ordered

A grandparent receives a call from a grandson, supposedly, telling about the trouble they are in.

There are many variations. Sometimes the grandson is in a foreign country and needs money to pay himself out of the hospital or to get medical attention from hospital requiring payment for treatment up front.

The grandparent is asked not to notify his parents. They would be angry with him because they did not know about his trip to a foreign land.

He just needs his grandparent’s credit card number, expiration date, and the three digit code on the back of the card.

The grandparents will learn later that their grandson never left the safety of his home,

Another scam is the call from someone close telling you that they have been robbed. They need money to return home plus pay hotel bill.

The hotel scam works this way. Someone calls the hotel and asks to be connected to a room. It happens to be yours.

You answer and the caller identifies himself as the desk clerk. There’s a problem with the credit card used to secure the reservation.

The caller may say that the computer crashed and information was lost. Would you get the card and give them the information.

They might say the card company did not approve its usage, so they need to see if the number the hotel has is accurate.

People are not at the top of their ability to think clearly when aroused from a sleep The victim will learn later when unauthorized charges appear on his credit card company’s monthly statement.

It is not a simple process to convince businesses that someone other than you made the purchase. Most hotels staff will not place a call through without having the name of the guest and the proper room number.

It is strongly suggested if you get a call from the front desk of the hotel asking for better information on credit cards, you should hang up then call or go down to the front desk and investigate the problem.

E -mails claiming issues have been confirmed by a re t rying to build t rust, so the receiver will not investigate. Take the time. You should Google this in and read all about it.

Milam County TRIAD is dedicated to protect senior citizens of Milam County.

Also mention that October is “Crime Prevention Month” in Milam County. It is also an opportunity to think about the law enforcers that keep us safe.

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