Olympian Gods?

Dear editor,

As city taxpayers and citizens, we are making an investment in the outcome of this city and we have the right to expect a positive return on our investment, which at this point, or any time in the near future, I simply do not see happening.

I think the roads are deplorable, the water supply is intolerable and there are other concerns which need to be addressed. The city, to my knowledge, has no capital improvement plan nor, in my opinion, does it ever intend to have such a plan.

I think there are still cuts that could be made to the budget, as well as ways to trim the debt that this city carries, but the mayor, council and city manager instead put the burden of higher taxes and higher water rates upon us citizens.

It is apparent that the council, mayor and manager believe that we poor, ignorant citizens who elected them, cannot understand a budget. But when this city has a shortfall of nearly $4 million in the past two years, causing two large tax increases, as well as increases in water and sewer rates (which will not affect any city employee), this is unacceptable.

Recently there was an election to elect a new mayor and council with the hope that things would change. I have seen no change and I feel that the city manager should be terminated and replaced and, if necessary, the council and mayor should follow.

It’s my opinion they have set themselves up as Olympian Gods and we, the poor people who actually put them in their place of power, should simply keep quiet and do as they say.

To this, I say “no!” I have started a petition to the City in order to fight back and anyone who would like to sign this may contact me.

Vernon Landrum
1501 Highland

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