Potential victim saved $20
Ted Hubert

An “ almost millionaire” missed the deadline for submitting a $20 processing fee so Betty Poorman, of Cameron, either saved $20 or lost $2,245,189.

Watch for a letter with bar code in black and large print announcing: “Enclosed document requires your signature.”

The return address: is to Rockville Centre, NY 11570. Inside is a self-addressed envelope that requires a stamp to an address in The Netherlands.

You are told the payment is guaranteed and you have already won $2,2465,189.00

Your “file ID” attempts to add authenticity to the scam. It has a “company” seal imprinted as well to make the offer more believable.

You are instructed to detach the bottom of the letter that carries the information requested back to the Netherlands.

Heading states: Cash prize winner’s important document.

A disclaimer assures that no purchase is necessary nor will buying anything enhance the winning odds.

This is also the place you are told to send the $20 processing fee with the document that shows your signature in three places.

The first is your acknowledg- ment that you are not a minor. The second is for you to declare your responsibility for all federal, state, and local taxes levied.

And you must sign that you were informed that a passed deadline for the submission forfeits your chance to receive funds.

This did not give Betty much time to think this through, but it did not take her long to recognize a scam when she reads one.

She did the right thing. She called Milam County TRIAD, make arrangements for MCT to get the letter.

She wants others to save the $20 because getting $2 million plus is too good to be true.

Most scams attempts will state how the person became a candidate to win such a prize. How Betty’s name was picked is not mentioned?

Needless to say, it is difficult enough to win a prize when you enter a contest. How much more difficult is it to win a prize in a contest you did not enter?

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