Milam County has that well-defined ‘sense of place’
Joy Graham

A county that once covered one-sixth of Texas, Milam like many other rural counties, is looking for economic growth. Why would I write a column addressing the “doom” that is prying its way through counties trying to support their population? Personally, I see an opportunity.

What does Milam County have different from our neighboring counties?

This depends on your personal opinions. I like to think where I live has “sense of place”.

Someone else might answer, “Land around Thorndale is certainly different than over in the rolling hills of Gause?” Or, “I like living in Milano because people there like country western music or like the relaxed life of a small town.”

Researchers have identified that certain places hold special meanings to people.

Milam County, no matter what part of it you live in, has opportunities that are yet to be identified? What strong feature stands out where you live, is it the school, is the town or community involved in civic responsibilities?

Are there opportunities for growth in your area; what made you decide to locate where you are?

Taking this back to 1835, when our forefathers settled in this county, think of why they decided to “stake a claim” on a piece of property” in Milam County.

In the upcoming weeks, my hope is to relate to sense of place for our county which is rich in church, family, home, education and prosperity.

Challenge the county population to identify “sense of Place” for the specific areas that satisfy the needs of family and draw new people to come here to visit or to live.

If you were going on vacation, is there a specific place in Milam County that you might like to know more about? Why does a tourist select a town to visit, spend the night or visit?

Think of it as Y. Tuan (1974) did when he wrote:

“ Sense of place is the relations, perceptions, attitudes, values and world view that affectively bond people and place…… Sense of place helps to protect the region’s cultural heritage and promote cultural awareness and strong kinship ties.”

Until next week, when this column develops into identifying “sense of place” in Milam County and eventually to cities within the county.

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