TRIAD meeting Oct. 10
Ted Hubert

The Administration on Aging predicts that in the year 2030 the number of citizens 65 years of age or older will grow 19%. This adds 72.1 million people in less than 14 years .

The Investor Protection Trust company found in one of its surveys that one in five seniors have fallen victims to some type of scam, fraud or scheme.

Senior citizens are more likely to have the homes paid off. The elderly have good credit scores and they are unlikely to report the scam because they are unaware, or ashamed, that someone has taken unfair advantage of them.

If you have not lost money, because you recognized the scam, and you did not respond to the fraud attempt, then probably not.

If you did send money or lost other items let someone know the details.

There is little chance you will ever recover your losses, but you may alert others to beware of these dangers.

Reporting the scam to companies whose name is mentioned in the scam, is helpful.

The Federal Trade Commission welcomes the reporting of cyber crimes. at www.ftc.complaintassistant. gov.

The FBI is also interested but this agency is more selective in accepting complaints.

Milam County residents should report concerns to the San Antonio FBI office, (210)-225-6741. Usecommonsensetodetermine if the presented opportunity is authentic or fraud. Look for your name and address specifically. Many e-mails carrying scams do not address by name.

Theysimplyhave a generic greeting that fits all. (i.e. Hello, Dear Sir/Madam, My Friend, or having no greeting at all.)

TRIAD MEETING—Cameron Police Chief Randy Dixon is the guest speaker for the MCT General Membership Meeting to be held October 10 at Rising Star Baptist Church in Rockdale, northendof TexasStreet,on Oct. 10. Refreshments served at 6:00 p.m. and the program starts at 6:30.

M ilam C ounty c elebrates October as “Crime Prevention Month”. Clubs, Churches, Businesses, Schools, and organizations are urged to plan meetings during October around this basic theme. C all MCT SALT council members to set up programs or call your law enforcement agency and ask them to bring a program.

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