Crock-pots are not “fool” proof, I’m just sayin’
Kathy Cooke

What a great week-end we just had. Saturday, there were all sorts of garage sale deals, all over town and also in Thorndale.

Tisket A Tasket held their quarterly Market Day and had rented 13 vendor spots. (See page 6C.)

Downtown there was a line all day at the antique appraisals at Wolf Park. Rockdale had their own Antiques Roadshow. Then, of course, there was plenty of shopping at the many downtown locations.

The I&GN Depot had Lee Caywood’s recently restored wagon that he rode to town many a time. Seeing that wagon brought back some memories!

Then on Sunday, St. John’s United Methodist Church held a Grandparent’s Day celebration with a pot luck lunch after services. Also held a wonderful “Welcome Baby Avery” shower.

I love pot luck dinners. All those different kinds of food that I didn’t have to cook, all in one location. Yummm!

I tried to make dishes with the best of them. Bought a huge roast, whole bag of potatoes, onions and carrots to cook in the crock-pot all night. What could possibly go wrong.

What I did not take into account is that my math skills are only slightly worse than my cooking skills. Roast and potatoes were supposed to cook for 8 hours on low. Simple enough.

So I started the crock pot at 8 p.m. By my calculations, starting at 8 p.m., supposed to cook for 8 hours, should be ready by 8 a.m.

It was ready alright. Ready for the trash.

About 3 a.m. I woke up to the smell of a wonderfully cooked roast. I remember turning over and right before I drifted back to sleep I thought to myself “Smells yummy. Imagine how good that will taste at 8 a.m.”

Only I could never have imagined how bad it would taste. The potatoes were nearly black. They were as dark of a brown as you can get before calling them black. Same with the onions and carrots. I could barely tell the difference between them.

The roast, thankfully, was large so I removed it and cleaned off all of the black tar, added seasonings, a little butter (oh give me a break!) and the roast was actually very good.

Dumped the whole pot down the sink. It smelled so bad that the dog, who generally sleeps until around 10-ish, got up and came into the kitchen thinking she was going to get a treat, took a big sniff in the air and turned and ran, whimpering back into the safety of the bedroom.

I ran and woke up the husband and let’s just say I woke him up rather abruptly. “You’ve got to go to the store for me and buy a new bag of potatoes, onions and carrots and you need to do it now.”

Once more I washed and cleaned and cut up 10 lbs. of veggies and this time, roasted them in the oven.

You know, Bill and I really need a wife. Or maybe a math tutor.

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