C-SCOPE, Gulen schools and spending money

Dear editor,

School days, school days, Golden Rule Days.

I have written several letters regarding the use of the C-SCOPE lesson plans and management exercises in the Rockdale ISD.

This curriculum program was brought into use in the Rockdale ISD in 2005 or 2006 and which was approved of by the school board at that time and every School Board since.

There is a cost, to date approximately $85,958, or $7 per student per year plus subscription fees has been spent in the Rockdale ISD for this undesirable program.

Why is our school buying lesson plans and management programs when our teachers are trained to do their own lesson plans?

I say, save the money and use it for teacher supplies instead. Incidentally, C-SCOPE has now changed their name to TEKS RESOURCE SYSTEM.

Don’t be fooled, its still C- SCOPE. What are our children learning in school?

Now, we need to be concerned, also, about Qatar’s influence in American education.

Wahhabi-ists have one goal and that is the spread of Islam worldwide according to Maggie Thornton’s website

There are already 100 U. S. schools and organizations connected to the One World Education interactive website.

And, have you heard of the Gulen Charter Schools? Fethullah Gulen lives in Pennsylvania and runs his $25 billion international network from there.

Gulen schools indoctrinate school age children to become ruling class Islamist. Surprising to many, Karen Hughes has close ties to the Gulen/Cosmos Foundation’s Harmony Schools here in Texas.

There are already 36 Gulen schools in Texas.

You may say all of this is so far fetched to affect the Rockdale ISD.

Then tel l me , how d id C- SCOPE get into our school without you knowing about it. C-SCOPE has Anti-Christianity and Pro-Islam content.

When I mentioned these facts, I was told that I should know that no Rockdale teacher would ever use these particular lesson plans.

Sorry, that’s not the point. The point is the school board made them avai lable to the teacher.

I just read your editorial of last week, heaping praises on the school board for voting to spend more money unanimously when the Rockdale ISD is already underfunded by $2 million.

You thought a civics lesson could be taught about all members voting the same.

This could also be seen as “Go along to get along”, “Don’t rock the boat”, “All yes men”, “ No independent thinkers”, etc.

How can we teach, it is okay to spend money you don’t have? I don’t get it.

I’ll go back and re-read your editorial. I must have missed something.

Bill Vogelpohl

127 East Cameron


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