Syria: First take a look at our own moral issues

Dear editor,

It seems like another war is on the horizon. The one we’re in is losing support and there’s no reason for the troops to be idle.

The United States of America has hereby determined that the gas attack on Syrians is a moral issue and therefore we can bomb their country.

It’s like the exorcisms of the Middle Ages that so often killed the patient.

As an old Vietnam vet, I tend to look back on some of our humanitarian ventures we were involved in a few years back.

If I remember right, Operation Ranch Hand crews, flying C-123 aircraft, sprayed over 100 million pounds of chemicals, such as Agent Orange, on the Vietnamese population.

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows the horrible problems this junk has caused for people in contact with it or their offspring.

It’s likely there’s a Vietnamese kid with a tail or an eye in the middle of their forehead living in the jungle.

So maybe we shouldn’t jump so fast but take time to look at our own moral issues.

Our pol icies in war have caused mass destruction every time we’re involved in it.

We are not saints.

Gregory Dodd

3108 South Texas 36

Milano, TX 76556

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