Beware of ‘hurricane hustlers’ following storms
Ted Hubert

Here we are in the middle of hurricane season which runs June 1-Nov. 30. It is suggested during the hurricane season you should keep at least a half tank of gasoline in your personal vehicle.

It is wise to have extra gasoline in 5 gallon containers. If the area looses power, service stations are unable to pump gasoline.

Other items you may want to have available are water, flashlights, food, first aid kit, bedding, and matches, plus any other items you could use.

There are other dangers that have nothing to do with the wind and rain.

“ Hur r icane Hust lers” are crooks who follow storms, find damaged homes, then promise to fix them.

These con artists will promise quality work and the project will be done quickly. Materials are expensive and the home owner is asked for money up front. Then these fly-by-night criminals just disappear. Some insurance companies will not pay for repairs done by unauthorized companies doing shoddy work.

Ask the repair company for references and check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Another check might be with your city to see if the company is registered and licensed. Be suspicious of workers that have no business cards or flyers from their company.

Also, record drivers license numbers of workers prior to giving them money.

Make sure every detail you can think of is put in writing. Never give more that 25% of the estimated charge. Do not pay out any money until the materials have been delivered and work has begun.

Ask your neighbors about damage done to their home and who they are hiring.

Frank Scafidi of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, said the disasters are getting larger and the criminals pass the word about big money can be made in scams.

It holds true that we have little control over the weather, but we can use the knowledge issued and protect what we can.

DEDICATION—Milano Volunteer Fire Department Shelter will be dedicated Saturday, Sept. 28, starting at 6 p.m. for refreshments, with the program beginning at 6:30. The public is invited. Five years ago Hurricane “Ike” rated a Category 2 hurricane caused severe damage.

Coastal cities urged its citizens to evacuate. Ike hit Texas shores on Sept. 13, 2008. It seems like yesterday. The new Fire Station Shelter will be ready soon to accept citizens to our new facility. More details will be given next week.

Susan Reinders with Milam County Homeland Security/ Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) and Susan Larson MCT S. A.L.T. Council member have programs with handouts and vital information for all residents of Milam County.

Programs were given to senior citizens in several Milam County communities. To arrange for a program, contact the Milam County Sheriff’s office or any of the five police stations.

EMS, Milam County Fire Chiefs Association, or the Milam County Retired Teachers Association can also help in setting a meeting up by contacting TRIAD.

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