New procedure for selecting water board directors
David Barkemeyer
Milam County Judge

Due to the increasing amount of public interest in the process by which commissioner’s court goes about selecting those who serve on the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors, I and the commissioners got together recently to see if we could agree on a procedure that we would follow in filling the three board positions that are expiring at the end of this year.

The cour t expresses our appreciation and respect for the 3 members of the board— Kerry Starnes, municipal; Jay Tumlinson, agricultural; and Jim Hodson, industrial—who have filled these positions for the past 12 years.

They have done a superb job. At times they have felt the heat, they have served many hours without compensation, Their efforts and expertise have largely gone without public recognition, sometimes with significant criticism. They are eligible to be renominated and certainly may be selected to continue to serve.

For the municipal position, each of the Milam’ s five city councils (Buckholts, Cameron, Milano, Rockdale, and Thorndale) will be asked to submit one candidate who is qualified and willing to serve.

Commissioner’s court will interview and make the final selection from among the five.

For the agricultural representative, bona fide agricultural producers who derive a substant ial portion of their income from agriculture in the county (this wording is taken directly from the law) and who are willing to serve on the board are invited to submit a resume that describes their background, qualif icat ions, portion of their income derived from agriculture, and interest in groundwater issues.

Although not a requirement, candidates may include letters of recommendation and/or petitions with signatures of Milam county citizens who support them as a candidate.

Organizations such as the Farm Bureau, churches, and clubs may support individuals in this way but may not submit nominees directly.

Industrial candidates may either be submitted by industrial companies, or by individuals that currently have active industrial interests in the county

The commissioner’s court will interview and select the industrial board member from those applying.

Those applying must represent an existing industrial enterprise that currently manufactures or produces a product in the county, or they need not apply.

The resume must describe the individual’s background and qualif ications, company and/or manufacturing interest represented, and their interest in groundwater issues.

All candidates must be residents of Milam County and should anticipate continuing to live here for the next four years.

Deadline for submit ting resumes is Oct. 30. You may give your resume to any one of the county commissioners or turn them in at my office at the Courthouse in Cameron.

Once we have all the resumes each commissioner and myself will each select one candidate to interview for each of the three positions.

We will then have from one to five candidates to interview for each board position.

The commissioner’s court reserves the right to reject any and all candidates submitted if in our opinion they are not to serve. As a group we will all five interview each candidate selected in open meeting format. Then in a Commissioner’s Court meeting we will nominate and vote on the final candidate for each board position.

We have agreed not to discuss candidates among ourselves before the final meeting and vote. The nominee for each position receiv ing the most votes from among the five of us will be the next board member.

You can find more information on the county web site at

In next week’s article I will try to describe the authority and duties of the board members of the Post Oak Savannah Groundqualified water Conservation District.

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