Good attendance necessary for students to do well
Allen Sanders
RISD Community Relations Director

For your child to gain the greatest benefit from his/her education, good attendance is necessary. Rockdale ISD can provide assistance, answer questions and connect you with resources that can help your child avoid excessive, unexcused absences and tardies. We have some effective tips for parents to help improve their child’s attendance.

First, reinforce the value and importance of good attendance from the time your child enrolls in school. Encourage and help your child prepare for school each evening. Packing backpacks, preparing lunch and selecting clothes the night before can reduce morning stress. Designate an appropriate bedtime for your child and stick to it. Praise your child when he/she exhibits good attendance and promptness.

Perfect attendance is one way to help insure student success. When a student is absent s/he misses vital instruction time, however we understand that students, due to illness or emergencies, will miss school from time to time. During these circumstances, please be sure to follow these important steps:

1. Call the school to let them know your child will be absent.

2. If your child is absent due to illness and visits the doctor, remember to ask for a physician statement. This excuse should state the child was too ill to attend school.

3. Many times children will “forget” to turn in the doctor’s statement once they return to school. Please check to see if your child did turn the note in to his/her teacher or the school office.

4. If your child must miss school due to a dental/orthodontist appointment, please turn in the statement from the dentist/ orthodontist so this may be an excused absence.

5. If your child is tardy (arriving late, leaving early or returning to school after an appointment) an adult must sign him/ her in/out at the school office.

6. A written explanation of an absence is required upon the student’s return to school.

Please keep the Student Handbook in a safe place so you may refer to it throughout the year. This handbook is very helpful to clarify attendance issues and questions that may arise regarding other school district policies.

This week our Rockdale Elementary Campus and Intermediate Campus will highlight great things happening on their campuses. Our new Elementary/ Intermediate counselor, Keeley Reisner, will share a great incentive to improve what else—student attendance.

The old adage “old habits die hard” is one we want to be true with our students concerning prompt and regular attendance in school. It is the hope and goal for Rockdale Elementary and Rockdale Intermediate to instill and promote proper attendance habits in our students. It is never too early to start instilling in our future leaders that attendance matters. Our students need to be in school and on time every day.

There is no one that will argue the fact that it is hard to educate a student that is not in class. At both Rockdale Elementary and Rockdale Intermediate we are starting an Attendance Incentive Bicycle Reward system. Each semester each campus is giving away one bicycle to one boy and one girl for perfect attendance. Each student that has achieved perfect attendance for the entire semester will have their name put in a drawing and be eligible to win the bike.

We would like to thank the following local community members for generously donating to fund the purchase of these bicycles: Miller-Starnes Chevrolet Buick, Rockdale Country Ford, Lee’s Landing, Floyd and Dawn Byrd, Judith Matula, Phillips & Lucky Funeral Home, Paul Dixon with Edward Jones, Terry Browning with Edward Jones and Pruett Insurance.

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