Warranty Deeds

Lorna A. Malone and Robert L. Malone to Juan Manuel Osoria and Miriam Osoria – three tracts, Lester Heights Addition, Cameron (v. 1,209, p. 516).

Robert Travis Morton Jr. et al to Walter R. Berger and Molly Berger – Isaac N. Hitchcock Survey A-208 (v. 1,209, p. 600).

David Angell and Beverly A. Angell to Robert Wilkins and Dodie Wilkins – Jose Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,209, p. 605).

Rita Phillips to Jackie Roderick – two tracts, William Allen Survey (v. 1,209, p. 610).

Ronald Lynn Jurca and Teresa F. Jurca to Pete A. Scarmardo – John K. Tyler Survey A-62 (v. 1,209, p. 635).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

S&V Partnership, Harry D. Vowell, general partner and attorney-in-fact, and Larry E. Sanders, general partner, to Noel T. Sheppard and Rena Lynn Sheppard – Eliza Sante Survey A-317 (v. 1,209, p. 444).

Allen East and Kathy East to Deal Investments LLC – W.W. Lewis Survey A-30 (v. 1,209, p. 624).

Sandstone Capital LP and Sandstone Capital Management LLC GP to Costandinos Galazios and Jennifer Galazios – Tracts 8-9, Gause Land Co. (v. 1,209, p. 670).

Gordon Copeland and Aida N. Copeland to Jeff Pickard and Jeanne Pickard – James Shields Survey A-323 (v. 1,209, p. 684).

Lillie L. Reynolds to Maria R. Gonzalez – lot, Cameron (v. 1,209, p. 699).

Billy Carlson and Connie Carlson to Travis Carlson and Danette Carlson – Lot 5, Block 1, Wuensche Estates, Thorndale (v. 1,209, p. 768).

Eddy Carpenter and Pamela Carpenter to Vernon Land and Melissa Lang – Samuel Jones Survey A-221 (v. 1,209, p. 790).

Special Warranty Deed

With Vendor’s Lien

Casa Rose Ltd. and Kelley Brough to Irelda Fernandez – part of Lot 10, Jones Brothers Subdivision (v. 1,209, p. 473).

Special Warranty Deed

Joseph Blase Cesak Estate, Brian Scott Cesak and Bradley Joseph Cesak, co-executors, to Brian Scott Cesak, Bradley Joseph Cesak and Patricia Cesak Stephenson – T.J. Chambers Two-League Grant (v. 1,209, p. 648).

Substitute Trustee Deeds

Steve Johnson, substitute trustee, et al to S&V Partnership, Larry E. Sanders and Harry D. Vowell – Timothy S. Arnett Survey A-74 (v. 1,209, p. 572).

Steve Johnson, substitute trustee, et al to S&V Partnership, Larry E. Sanders and Harry D. Vowell – T.S. Arnett Survey A-74 (v. 1,209, p. 581).

Probate Cases Filed

Doris Moore and Catherine Moore applied for the Lillie Moore Estate – letters testamentary (10971).

Martha McDermott applied for the Spencer Cole Estate – letters testamentary (10972).


Civil Case Filed

Green Tree Servicing vs. Nancy Creek – consumer/commercial debt.

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