Happy 18th Birthday Her-ca-LEEZ!
Kathy Cooke

I hope everyone got to enjoy some of the 38th annual Rockdale Fair & Rodeo.

Attendance was awesome and it appeared to me that all of the vendors made some good money for their time as well.

Bill and I worked our shifts at the St. John’s UMC booth and things were hopping, especially Saturday night.

Congratulations to the Rockdale Fair Board for all your hard work. It paid off. And the weather couldn’t have been nicer.

Be sure to get next week’s Reporter, there will be lots more Fair photos and livestock show thank yous to the buyers.


Someone very special in our family celebrates a milestone birthday on October 24.

Kevin Esten Cooke turns 18.

I remember it like yesterday when he was born. His little bitty Mama refused to take any drugs or get an epidural, she wanted to go all natural. (I know, something is very wrong with her!)

It seems like she was in fullblown labor for two whole days and nights.

They had one of those birthing suites at St. David’s in Austin and we were all sitting in the “living room” as poor Noelia was moaninag and groaning in the “bedroom” part of the suite.

It was a little upsetting, we could hardly eat our snacks.

My little brother, the father-tobe, came out of her room after she started screaming at him in Spanish, probably telling him she loved him.

He proudly announced to all of us that his wife was “valiant!”

We all remember that, it was an unusual word to come out of Kevin’s mouth. But what a perfect description of Noelia and her birthing experience.

Valiant, meaning boldly courageous, which we all thought she was, marrying into our family in the first place.

I think Noelia did learn a wonderful lesson in Kevincito’s birth. When Agustin was born, she walked into the ER and announced “Ola. I am here for my drugs and epidural.”

Just kidding.

Kevin, Uncle Kyle says he can’t wait to see the first movie you direct.

Uncle Ken says “Get out and see the world and better it with your talents. Oh yeah, and use the Force!”

Aunt Kathy just says “Her-ca- LEEZ!”

Godfather to my grandson Reese, revered by his cousins, the apple of his Nano and PawPaw’s eyes and adored by his aunts and uncles.

Where has the time gone? Happy 18th Birthday, we all love you very much!

Knock ‘em dead, Movie Man!

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