County clerk: Records and a whole lot more
David Barkemeyer
Milam County Judge

I n last week’s commissioners court, County Clerk Barbara Vansa and her staff made a presentation on the duties and responsibilities of the department.

This was another in the series of departmental presentations that we’ve been conducting to try to help the general public become more familiar with your county government.

A copy of the handout that she made available at the meeting is on our website at

The county clerk’s office is the primary records center for the county. This includes all records relating to real property including deed records, deeds of trust, and subdivision plats.

Records relating to people include births, deaths, marriages, guardianships, wills, and so on. Official county records include commissioners court minutes and documents, county budgets, accounts and transactions, elections and appointments, misdemeanor court records, city and school district budgets, bonds, oaths, and other official records.

The county clerk (assisted by deputy clerks) is the official clerk for all the county judge’s court functions, including all mattes relating to the constitutional county court, county probate court, and county civil court cases handled by the county judge.

This includes scheduling and coordinating all court sessions, trials, fine and fee collections, jury matters, record keeping, and related.

County court involves over 550 criminal misdemeanor cases per year, 75 civil cases, and some 80 wills probated per year.

There are some 70 guardianships on file in the county with at least 30 of them active at this time.

The County Clerk’s Office is involved in financial matters in that they collect fees for their document services, file budgets and financial records from various entities in the county, report revenues and expenditures to the county auditor as well as to state agencies, collect county court fines and fees in criminal cases, maintain cash bonds for criminal cases and official bonds for office holders, and so on.

The county clerk’s office conducts primary, general, and special elections in the eleven voting precincts throughout the county with early voting and mail in balloting also being a part of the voting process.

Voter registration and voter’s list by precinct are maintained by the Tax Assessor’s Office. City and School elections are conducted separately by those entities with the county tabulating those results.

Commissioners decided we would not recharge the cities and schools for that tabulation service. There are a number of other services that are provided by the County Clerk’s Office such as cattle brand registration, military discharge records, posting of notices and more.

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